is anglo cooking its books?

possibly, says namawinelake … s-of-2010/

Well we did discuss it before here over the last year or two that the pre 2009 public a/c’s bear not the slightest relationship with reality or with the two interim a/c’s published since. The pre 2009 public a/c’s were pure works of fiction. As I said yesterday in another “missing” thread the usual reason for this based on past experience with operations similar to Anglo is that they were keeping two sets of books. One for the auditors who prepared the public a/c’s and the real ones.

Standard operating procedure for operations cooking the books. Read Microsofts “explanations” during the anti-trust trial for a particularly amusing example of the perps trying to explain away the inexplicable. In MS’s case they were trying to explain away tangential facts regarding Excel annual revenue and margins, and the lack thereof of any official audited document trail , that lead directly to their multi $10’s billion p.a tax evasion operations.