Is anyone familiar with the Rialto/Dolphins Barn area?


Hi all

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I’m looking at this place online:

It looks good, although not at that price. Judging by the map it looks like might be in bandit country.

Has anyone here lived in that area?


Without a house number / exact location it’s impossible to say. South Circular Road varies dramatically over its length.

Personally I wouldn’t want to live in the portion of SCR between Donore Avenue and James’ Walk.


Forget it .


a grand area between James hospital and Inchicore. No problems there. Not to far from Luas. Well a ten minute walk. Bus is the 123 or 125. Not a great service.


Its one of those places thats probably better than it looks.
As for it’s looks … (we don’t have a smilie injecting drugs so this probably suffices XX )


As Sartre said, “Hell is other people”
The LOCATION is fine, but the above quote rings truer in areas like this.
And yes I did live there.


So did I and its a grand area. Never had problem there at all.


Grand area for life without kids. Five bedroom gaff though in one of those period houses is a bit “intimate” though. Usually freezing in winter too.


I wouldn’t buy there. I lived in the area for one year and didn’t feel safe there.


All true


Its a very safe area. Its all relative though.


Good area or bad area,either way the rent is way too high.Simple as that.


We all know that rent is too damn high

Thanks for the responses people


High res photos:
Appears to be 840 SCR?