Is anyone feeling the pinch?

With the rising costs of food, energy, mortgages, fuel and almost everything. Is anybody now in a position whereby they can’t afford stuff they used to take for granted.
I have noticed my food shopping bill has gone up by about 30% in a year. I shop in Aldi/Lidl and then get sauces and fancy stuff in Tescos. Aldi and Lidl have increased their prices by a lot in the last year. Actually they were dirt cheap when they came here first. We used to shop there when they first arrived. (They used to have pork medalians, half duck in special sauce etc which I used to get. Sadly other Irish people wouldn’t buy this stuff so the supermarket phased it out. Now they sell potatoes and sausages mainly.) Slowly they upped the price as they became popular (bastards).
I have noticed all the other costs also. Realistically I’m not going to be effected with me renting cause this is only going one way (down) so any increases will likely be offset by lowering of rent.

This is my motivation for the Scrimp and Scrape thread, I have Four kids and a wife and a mortgage and i am getting to the point where bills are beginning to swamp me, i have reigned in ALL unnessesary expenditure. Strangely enough, most of the increases have built up slowly but steadily, to a position where i am wondering if i have woke up in a different parrellel universe recently , where everything is suddenly 25% more expensive.

As everyone is experiencing this (that i talk to) i wonder if this will accelerate or dive into recession.

Most unhappy altogether.

I planted spuds and veg this year for the first time in a long time !

looking forward to some fresh fodder at the Pin BBQ for the Galway Races :wink:

We’d like our electricity bill to be a bit lower, but the problem seems to be more to do with the cost of electricity than the amount of it we’re using.

We’re in the fortunate position that the only effect of higher prices is that we save slower. Rent is manageable and if I really need to make savings I’d be fine with moving to a smaller place. But we’re nowhere near that yet.

I’d hate to be in the position where I had serious monthly outgoings like car repayments, a credit card balance, personal loans and a big mortgage.


too late for that, recession started months ago. :open_mouth:

Sorry to hear about your separation. :wink:

I’m not feeling the pinch yet! I have 3 kids and rent and dont drive so we are very lucky. We have actually been able to save quite a lot in the past few years. However, I have no job security (who does?) so I suppose we save our money for a rainy day so to speak. My advise is to stop the direct debits and pay the bills at the very last minute (companies do this so why should’nt the consumer) and chop up the visa cards. Also what pisses me off is all my bank charges… I’m sure I’m billed for checking my account online! I suppose we have always feared debt and that is a good mentality to have!

The cost of going for a night out was the first cost to start affecting me.
Then the cost of eating out seemed to increase while the quality dropped.
Now it’s the cost of the weekly food shop and I’m afraid of this winters fuel/energy costs.

I’ve noticed that with Aldi and Lidl that they have copped on to the set up in Ireland.
No need to have really low prices… just lower than Superquinns, Tescos and Dunnes.

And don’t get me started on the cost of buying anything in Spar or Centra… soon they will have a door charge.

Cost of a night out is shocking lately, I’ve returned to my student ways of enjoying a few in-house brews before heading out.

Have not gone out for a meal in a few months now (used to about once a month). Cheaper and more enjoyable to cook the meal myself.

Bring my own lunch into work too, local centra is a disgrace. A roll and drink is about 7 quid. Local pub charges a tenner for chips and lasange.

Diesel is through the roof.

I find all the talk of growing yer own veg a bit wierd.
I know lots of people starting it! and am considering it myself.

Why wierd? well, back when i was young (early eighties) we had no ,oney at all (except for me mams booze and fags).
No heating (a parafin heater at the bottom of the stairs if we were lucky), milk was watered down, i had cheese spread sambo’s for school as they were dirt cheap, and i wore on occation cast offs from my step dad. (oh and i had to buy my own birthday presents)

As poor as we was, we never grew our own food, nor did we know of anybody who did. My mate’s dad had an allotment, but he went there to listen to the radio and smoke a pipe, most of the veg he brought home was bought from ASDA on the way home!!!

I mean, we are a highly advanced country, has food got that expensive we are contemplating growing our own? has anything like this happened since food rationing was in vogue?


The one upside I have discovered is that I’ve become far more consumer savvy.
Checking receipts before leaving the shop, ringing my bank and threatening to close my account unless they move me onto higher rates, tipping for service in rather than a feeling of responsibility, and complaining when necessary.

This may be just me of course… but I’ve noticed this trend more and more as my peers seem to have developed similar habits.

Have you ever wondered what he might have been putting in that pipe?
He might have been a very keen gardener… just not growing veggies :laughing:

A lot of it is pure snobbery, I like floury crumbly Records and cannot get them easily any more in Ireland so I must grow my own.

The tunnel is full of Rocket and Asparagus and herbs that normally cost a bleedin fortune.

I did not grow any carrots or turnips or parsnips or cabbage , its more esoteric than that


Recently I went for dinner with friends and then on to a late bar. I was shocked when I realised the next day that I’d spent almost €200 in one night :open_mouth:
It wasn’t even a swanky restaurant.

That’s the way to go, I agree. Add blueberries! I’d love to grow asparagus, but I’m looking for a source of 2 or 3 year old asparagus crowns in Ireland. Any pointers?

:open_mouth: This is not a gardening thread. Bloody sod busters. :wink:

I get the sense that many of you are living way beyond your means! The yanks have done this for nearly 30 years, in Ireland we squeeze that into 10 years! Keeping up with the Jones syndrome!
To be honest if you think its bad now you are well and truely f****d come 6 months. Prices will continue to rise for a long time… food, energy and interest rates.

The cost of going out has hit us (hasn’t really hit us - we just won’t pay it).

We would go out very weekend a couple of years ago, going for beers, dinner or the cinema in rotation every Saturday night.

The continuing stead rise of going out has gradually phased all that out.

The last time we were in the Cinema (a year ago) it cost nearly 30 euro, for 2, by the time the popcorn & sprite was bought. The monthly trip to the cinema has been replaced with the odd video rental, which has in turn been replaced with marvelous piece of technology :smiley:

The 2-4 monthly trips to the Galway pubs have been replaced by a Saturday night bottle of wine & few beers.

We still go for dinner about every 3-4 weeks.
Taxi to town: €10
Dinner in one of the more resonably priced restaurants: €70-80
Two drinks after dinner: €20
Taxi home: €10

That’s approx €120 for the pleasure of 3 hours socialising (out at 9 back at 12 ish) ! €120 for 3 hours ‘on the town’ - no wonder people are sitting in.

I’ve been paying attention lately to what is spent on the weekly shopping, from what actually comes home in 4-5 bags of food the costs seem crazy!

€10 for a taxi to town means you live IN town, its €40 for us , and the same again to get home…even more after 2am :frowning:

Yep, is a 15 minute walk :laughing: but for all the use I make of Galway’s nightlife facilities I might as well live in the sticks.