Is anyone thinking of getting the "flu" shot this year who also got the #clotshot? - POLL

What a question eh and for those who don’t have it and will never have it too, maybe you’re gone off shots for the rest of your life after this dystopian escapade.

I’d stay away. If it where I.

I mean. It makes prefect sense.

You have the #clotshot, you’re living in a live phase III trial - Why tempt fate when harbouring this genetic x-factor?

You know what they say, add insult ot injury but it could be more injury to injury, you don’t want to trigger something someone hasn’t observed or figured out yet and thus don’t know what to do when it happens to save you. You may be medically on your own in more ways than one.

The Health service may not be able either to deal with such things from a carport angle, since by all accounts it’s now swamped at winter levels, so as we descend into the vortex of an Irish Winter, it stands as another x-factor in the sea of x-factors to consider.

Perhaps the best thing to do is get whatever test you can get that give you a read out on the actual health of your immune system stat! Let’s see, Vit D levels is the first thing I can think of, does anyone know what form of a test that might be if it even exits, a whole work over of your immune systems relevant performant levels?

  • Yep - Have the #clotshot will take all other shots. Gimmie all that Big Pharma Love.
  • Nope - have the #clotshot, will not take another booster let alone a flu shot.
  • Never took the #clotshot but will take a flu shot this year.
  • No #clotshot, not sure
  • No #clotshot probably no.
  • No #clotshot and no flu-shot for me this year.
  • I’ll never take any shot again of any kind ever again.
  • I’m 100% vaccine free, never had a shot in my life. No plans to ever change.

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Twitter poll… the no jabs are at 70%…

Recently, both adults and children have received the lethal covid shots “by mistake” in the US when they thought they were going for a “flu jab”.