Is Argentina our future?

European Investors Skeptical About New Argentina Debt Deal -> … =rss_Bonds

What happens when Ireland defaults?

Insert 50 cents to continue?

will all this talk of debt forgiveness all 3rd world debt should be written off first

and back on topic yes Argentina and ireland have a lot in common, remember Argenina up to the 50s was one of the wealthiest countries in the world and now its in the shit

ireland has corrupt politicians and business community anglo, dennis come to mind, any tax adviser/acnt worth his salt borders or engages in tax evasion most of the time

labour unions flexing their muscles
poor infrastructure even after a massive borrowing binge over the last 10 years
explosive debt dymanics private and public
overvalued currency

give the 2 brians time and we’ll be there in 20 years

Would that be 50 Cents US or Euro? :cry:

To read the full article search for it on google, then click on it from there.

More like up to the 20’s although it behaved as if it were still rich until the 1960s.

The levels of corruption in Ireland and Argentina are utterly different.

It is literally impossible to open any legal business in Argentina without paying a significant bribe. Argentine public servants are all party hacks who are political appointees who see their roles as bribe collectors as paybacks for services rendered to the provincial or national ruling party. Come election time, your bribe to the old official counts for nothing and you have to bribe afresh to the new inspector.

Talk to any Argentine businessman socially and he’ll tell you.

Our planning corruption was deeply shameful, but the fact is that every day a new business is opened in Ireland without any bribe being paid. That’s why a lack of an independent, professional, non-political public service will kill you every time. You’ll notice that in Chile and Uruguay local officials have fewer opportunities to extort bribes, and as a result those nations are approaching European levels of development.

Maybe if we invade the Isle Of Man we can get the UK to declare war on us & when we get defeated the reigning Junta here will overthrown ?

I can’t see a downside really. :nin

Jezz you guys got me all spooked there. My aunt and uncle (Spanish) emigrated to Argentina at the very very last minute and when most people were already staying in Europe. They had a good few years but then it all went pear-shaped and needless to say they couldn’t go back to Spain without loosing everything. They ended up staying and my auntie nearly lost her mind it was so difficult but in the end they pulled through. They are still there but all in all they have had a very hard life and far away from their country, they would have had a much better life if they had stayed in Spain and they would not have suffered all their lives for being away. I am Spanish myself and we do have a better life here than we would in Spain but jezz, I don’t want to see my aunt and uncles story repeated in myself…

I always thought that Auo320 from AAM neatly nailed the good bits of Spain ( the hot bits with water) , follow the link.


Follow the other links too.