Is having a road and a footpath right in front of your house leading straight to the dart station a good thing?


I finally managed to book a new house(I always came on the cancelation list otherwise) and I like the house, however, there’s a public road right in front of the house that leads straight to the dart station and is the shortest route for many. And, to top that, there’s a footpath literally in front of the house (even before the car park) that will be used by all pedestrians to commute to the dart station as shown below:

This has made me really confused about whether to go with this property due to privacy and safety concerns. People using the footpath will have full visibility of the living room, etc. Had the footpath been after the car park then the cars would have provided some sort of “barrier” and I would be fine with it.

Other than privacy and security concerns, will this arrangement affect the selling price of the house if I later decide to sell? Or, do people generally don’t care (or care less) about a public road/footpath right in front of their house?

Wanted to get some perspectives from different people so posting it here.


Which Dart station?

Is there a back garden?


Is having a road and a footpath right in front of your house leading straight to the dart station a good thing?

Is anyone going to answer yes to that question ?

Privacy is an issue for the majority of people buying a house. If there’s a decent back garden and the living spaces are oriented to the back of the house it should cause less of an issue. But if there’s heavy footfall outside the front of the house the front window would remain mostly covered which is a factor a purchaser would have to put into the mix when deciding to buy.

If I was given the choice between a house without heavy footfall outside my front window and one without , and both properties were the same price , I would choose the one with more privacy.


That footpath would wreck my head. There’s no privacy there.


Not sure if the footfall will be heavy as the road is now blocked. They will open it once the development completes. However, I see one car every 5-10 mins on the other end of the road.

Regarding other properties, I do not have any other options that would deliver at the same time (would take 6 months more). So, I have to either go with this or wait for new developments/phases.


Graffiti is likely to be a problem IMO.


I used to live on the post pub walk home route from a local hostelry. It didn’t spoil my week or my life but there was a time period each week where there was noise and messing. I had a front garden between me and them, from the photo this house does not. I would feel that a similar situation will arise here i.e. mostly no issue but predictable shite at certain times. It is then up to you whether the benefits outweigh. In my case they did so don’t be afraid if the choice makes sense but expect some crap.