Is Ireland, in its current state, ruined?


“Many developments are required by local planning to have a high number of units on site. The density of a development along transport links or in urban areas generally needs to be between 35 and 50 units per hectare.”

average household size in ireland

2.75 apparently from google

50 units *2.75 is a population density of over 137 people per hectare

According to Wikipedia, Hong Kong’s average population density is 63 people per hectare


"The average housing estate built in the 70s has between 10 and 20 units per hectare. Those types of developments, in many settings, simply wouldn’t get planning anymore.

The days of housing estates being built exclusively with two-storey houses with large gardens are largely gone"

Now to get a lesser, inferior home, you require two incomes - if you can even buy. Previously you could do it on a single income , in jobs that required less education and training.

Just because we have the internet doesn’t mean we haven’t gone backwards in something that is fundamental.

Imagine the difference in life if housing only required the equivalent of a single income? Parents could work 0.5 each FTE. Or one could stay at home even if temporarily - it wouldn’t break the bank, singles could afford to buy a house. Far better for society.


At this point and with so many reared into it, they don’t know any better, also people who are so time poor just don’t have the time to research or catch a breath and see what’s going on


The last 12 months may prove to have been a positive in that regard.

I’d guess there’s a lot of people who will be very unhappy to return to pre Covid norms of commuting long distances to work etc


I agree. My employer was 100% anti WFH. Notw we are getting 2-3 days a week at home permanently.

They know if they didn’t staff would revolt. Why stay if a rival offers simialr pay and better WFH arrangements?

We have a thread here on WFH


Funny you should use that phrase ‘get up and go’.

When I was faltering in Dublin in the 90s someone used a phrase similar to that to describe the 80s -
‘Anyone with any get up and go, got up and went’

So I left.


This is something I have often thought about recently, we are lucky to have a home but the strain of both parents working while juggling childcare and paying a large mortgage is putting a huge strain on people. Personally, WFH has been a brutal step backwards as WFH is more like living at the office with no boundary between the two.

In one generation we have gone from 1 parent bringing home enough to have a comfortable life with a house, to a situation where both parents working with 2/3rd’s of their income going towards mortgage and childcare costs. It’s no fun on the hamster wheel.



Since the year 2000.

Or €70m per year. Which weirdly doesn’t strike me as that much.


This is why in my office we are not allowed free tea and cofee. Afraid of an FOI request that will lead to a headline “X office spent 20K on free tea & coffe for staff since 2000”