Is it time to shout stop as bailout nears €22bn?

Is it time to shout stop as bailout nears €22bn? - Simon Carswell -> … 76358.html

NO, No its not…

Look its the only show in town and it would cost far more not the bailout, we need a functioning banking system

No, no it’s not. The time to shout stop was when people were shouting stop seven to ten years ago.

It is not shouting that this country has a problem with, it is listening.

The ability to say stop or go can only be made when the information used to make the current decisions has been made public but that’s unlikely from this shower who are destroying the country currently. Personally I think that if this information were made public we would see just how incestuous the bondholders pension funds etc in this country have been as well as how stupid.

A goodly and apt thought.