Is it worth it?

Just wondering what you would offer for this property?Its dropped from 390 to 360 and its been on the market for about 46 weeks. … UKYI357808

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What would YOU offer?

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well ,post the link!If you are asking for advice at least do some of the spade work

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well, since you asked, i’d have to pass.

simple choice really, no mention of a catflap!

Any chance these “What are they worth” threads could stop showing up in latest posts?

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apologies bridestuff.
if you need to buy a house now and have the cash, then what you are willing to part with is what it’s worth.
i plan not to purchase sooner than 2011, if at all.(i’ll wait to see what kind of society we have by then and if it’s worth staying)
so is this a choice between the house you** need** or the house you want?

as i said, the house you need, if you have the cash is yours today.
the house that you want to buy is getting cheaper everyday.

it’s heartening to see more people seeking opinions about potentially the biggest purchase/debt they’ll take on in their life. however i do wonder if it would be better for these queries be dropped below with the price watch threads.

Thanks Cat Bear.

We don’t ‘need’ to buy…FTB’s and all that.Renting in the meantime.But feel that our circumstances (, family expanding etc) could come against us if we were to apply for a mortgage, say, in a years time.

We’re re-applying at the moment and depending on what we get, that’ll inform our offer (obviously!).We would like to take advantage of the fact that there are no other bidders out there, we both have jobs at the moment and its a house we like, which has proven remarkably hard to source over the last 2 years…although I do see the logic of waiting as houses you like will turn up more and more.

Found a house we liked a few weeks ago but somebody had offered the asking price right off…was raging with them!

To Bride,

I sincerely doubt that someone offered asking right off the bat. I’d say EA was full of it.

Bid low, thats what I’m doing. In time, these sellers asking through the roof prices will have to cop on.

I bought a builder to a shell of a house yesterday thats been on sale for ages, and I mean ages. The idiot EA was at the wrong address, and when I told her which house I was at, she informed me that it was sale agreed. When I asked why it didn’t say sale agreed & why she let me drag a builder out there, I was told the buyers were supposed to sign that morning.

Horseshit is what I say, and I’ll be on the phone agin fairly soon if I don’t see a sold sign outside the house.

Do these people want to sell houses, or not?

Phoned about viewing another house today and was told it can’t be seen for the next couple of weeks??? Why are these people advertising houses that potential, pre-approved, not in a chain buyers, want to see.

It boils my blood.

Low ball on that house, I’d put money on it they are lying

Best of luck

There are next to no locations in Ireland where a 3 bed house is worth €360k.

Take a quick look at and see what you can get in the UK for similar money.

There are cheaper and better houses available in London for this money.

I know. It’s mad isn’t it? Made all the more stark by the sterling drop!

London or Leixlip.

If that were the case, would the economic circumstances not have changes to the extent that borrowing the money now would have been unwise.

Dont ever get overly attached to an asset until you purchase it.

Basically the banks are fucked and as a result it is hard to see them allocating significant lending to mortgages over the next few years, exception being the FTB deals which will be much easier to get approved if you happen to be buying from a developer who owes the bank. This would mean no rush.

:laughing: :laughing:

@ €279 per sq ft, it is definitely one of the more sanely priced properties, but still…

True about price being comparable to London.And also true that a house is only worth what anyone’s willing to pay for it.

Gotsta remain impartial.

Thanks for the good advice though.Don;t see it as a bad time to borrow for us as we’re paying a similar amount in rent as it is.

But there is no rush really apart from wanting to own our own house.

Have you tried moving and pushing for cheaper rent? You may be paying over the odds in rent these days.

Going to…reckon on asking for 150-200 off over the next few weeks.Its on the to-do list.You know yerself!

A similar semi in any major city (outside of London) would cost around £150,-180,000,around E165-200,000.Who has got it right?