Is Manna more dough to developers?

thought it was this;

NAMA is the biggest robery in the history of this state.

A swindle in grand proportions. Money taken out of the pocket of taxpayers and passed straight over to the bankers. (The legal profession will as ever take a slice along the way.) Why should this be allowed? We should not stand for this.

These lads are heroes to their own kind. Masters of manipulation they introduced the pension levies before the latest budget and while everyone was at each others throats they set us up so they can take money from our pockets for what maybe longer than a decade worth of repayments.

A best case scenario now could be the state going bankrupt promptly with sharp leadership to get things moving again. Not gonna happen though. More likely they will continue along and load us up with as much national debt as possible ruining the country as a place to do business. Our cost of living will be relatively high because of the cost in taxes

rant rant rant

yeah its a bail out of epic proportions