Is Northern Ireland the prime entry point for the Regimes mass invasion?

United once again.

Interesting point no?

Are they flying into the North and then being bused South of the border?

Consider the :handshake: :checkered_flag: network

Ireland is the flood zone to make it loo like the Rwanda policy or whatever it’s called works?

How long before these “cleaners” arrive in Northern Ireland and get on the Buses pointed at the “Republic” to continue the deep ethnic cleanse? :whistle:

Numerous videos on the twitter mainly springing from the UK - hunting down predators who have befriend children via online / app for sex, and they turning up a lot of very “new to the parish” peoples, and while it is hard to know exactly what is going on here, this one appears to be a Northern Ireland confrontation, if legit, the question is - did they call the bobbies or was it a Bus to Dublin get away?

This tweet has more info: