Is renting alone for 700 euro in Dublin, realistic?

Hi… first post on here…

I’ll be working in Cherrywood soon - where should I look for a one bed apartment for around 700 or less?

Just wondering how much I’d need to pay for a decent one bed apartment. Some of the places on DAFT are so disgusting.

I’d prefer to rent an apartment in an apartment complex, the “flats” on offer all look so old and run-down - by that I mean the one-bed places which are part of a larger house.

I don’t need to live in the city centre or anything, sure it would be ideal to have an apartment in Ranelagh but that’s going to cost a fortune… but anywhere between town and Cherrywood with a bit of life… I guess the closer to the city the better…

Cheers for any advise… I’ll keep looking…

I think 700 is a very common price for a standard 1 bed, your talking about seperate bedroom etc but maybe not a fancy modern apartment. I got a 1 bed flat in Rathmines for 495e, moved upstairs to a slightly better one for 550. Both clean, decent size etc. Ive had a look at some other stuff in the 700 mark that was completely woeful.
You could get lucky with an apartment though, who knows.

ok thanks. Did you go to a real estate agent or find them on daft?

Recommend me a real estate agent if you had any luck with them!

Look for 1 beds @ €800 and offer €700.
The problem you have is that (depending on your area) social welfare rent allowance pays more.

It says there that if you are a single person in your own accomodation, living in the Dublin area, the maximum rent you can be paying to qualify for rent allowance is 529 euro.

Is this not somewhat below the market rate? It would seem to me that you’d only pick up a very shabby flat in a non too salubrious area for this type of money. Currently.

Yes, but couples also look for 1 beds, hence €800.

1 beds are dropping. Sub 700 too.

See one for 700 offer 500. Be prepared to walk away.

The market is a unsociable joke.

There was another thread from someone else starting in Cherrywood a month ago which might be of some assistance, you could also try PMing the OP of that thread to see how they got on.

got a 1 bed in Donnybrook last November. Asking price 875, offered 775 got it for 800. Nice pad with open fire place.