Is social housing for the working poor or unemployed?


A lot of the debate, to my mind, over the last few months is about the State’s inability to provide adequate social housing to long-term unemployed.

Very little discussion appears to be around providing the the working poor with ‘free’ housing, though they also cannot afford housing and arguably contribute more to society through working and not relying entirely on benefits. Often they would actually be better off not working but choose to work. For them, the discussion is more about how we can give them a first-time buyers grant or similar.

The hierarchy for social housing appears to be

-long-term unemployed and homeless
-long-term unemployed, with children
-long-term unemployed, no children
-working poor, with children
-working poor, no children
-everyone else doesn’t qualify for social housing



i know what its for in ireland and i know who i would prefer it to be for, unfortunately if you put the working poor ahead of the non working you will be accused of targeting the most vulnerable in society.


It is for both
As long as you meet the criteria (net income €35k for a single person)
However those with children appear to be prioritised and further it is an incredibly opaque system - who decides on allocation and why almost zero oversight.


The welfare system is broadly designed to target needs rather than rewarding people for being productive citizens, because that’s what capitalism does, albeit imperfectly.

The tax system imposes a very low burden on the working poor. Arguably that creates more working poverty, but what ya gonna do? Tax them more and spend money giving them free housing?


Stop doing everything possible to push up housing costs while at the same time forcing down wages at the bottom