Is St Columbanus Road, Milltown Dublin 14 a safe&good area?


Hello, we plan to buy a house on St Columbanus Road, Milltown, Dublin 14. Is this road and area a safe and good area?

please find below link, it seems very reasonable price (295k) for Milltown because usually most houses in Milltown is very expensive. and this house is kind of new renovate.
many thanks for any suggestions and comments! … 14/2640353



It’s Windy Arbour really, rather than Milltown, so not as upmarket, but is a settled estate that’s basically quiet, safe and tbh, pretty boring.

You might find some loud student rentals, with it being close to UCD and on the luas, but the area is generally harmless.


BER rating is poor and house is small, but otherwise the house has been very tastefully renovated. I think it looks a good price. Good luck if you buy it!


Apart from the obvious problems with sandworms, it’s grand I’m sure (local militia are pretty active in controlling those in any case)


Viewed this myself. In terms of a living space, its a great job done on both house and garden. No bling, just good, practical and tasteful design for the most part. EA mentioned they would not be selling for a couple of weeks (I see its on view again this weekend) so sounds like they are expecting a bidding competition. Lots of favourable comments being made openly in a busy open viewing so I think they’ll get one as well. That said, while they’ve made the best of it, these are very small terraced houses - a double bed in the rear bedroom would be a real squeeze. The other big issue is the poor BER rating for a terraced house renovated relatively recently. The BER report reveals that what they spent on layout and appearance, they seem to have spared on insulation. Boiler efficiency is poor too. You might end up spending quite a bit extra to cut the energy bills.

As to the area, I know people living around here and its certainly settled, safe and quiet. The Luas on the doorstep is a huge plus. Definitely a sought after area in the current bubble/recovery/madness (take your pick) and one I wouldn’t mind living around here myself but I think I am currently priced out of it. Selling prices of houses on this road and the adjacent Farrenboley have shot up by 40%+ in the last 18 months.


I’d agree they’ve done a very good job with the raw material to hand but would wonder why they didn’t extend across the full width at the rear and shift the rather cramped dining down there. By the looks of it they could have managed that whilst still retaining the requisite 25 sq. m open garden to the rear. It would have shifted things up towards the 1000 sq ft threshold and given excellent ROI

I’d have also changed the boiler and done whatever other simple fixes the BER certifier recommended to shift the BER up to D2 at minimum. To the subconscious, D is to pass what E is to fail.

It is however plug & play for the trader-downer/batchelor/spinster/childless/still-believing-the-lie-first-step-on-the-ladder-ite. With that supply side far less (in relative terms) saturated than the 3 or 4 bedroom semi-d sector, especially at the always desirable, well-executed end of the spectrum, I would indeed second waiting for a bidding war to break out. Whether now or next season.


My friends bought on St Colombanus Road recently, and they love it. Really close to the Luas and Dundrum Town Centre, quiet and fairly settled. The house looks lovely, though I would be really concerned it’s a bit of a cover up job. That BER for a recently modernised house is worrying.
I’d say this house will probably still be going over asking, house prices in the area have really jumped in the last year and a half.
Good luck!


Twenty years ago, it was considered rough in there. Looking at it on the map now, it’s all golf courses and luas stops. If it hasn’t been totally gentrified yet I’d imagine it will be. In saying that, that’s a lot of nuts for a two bed gaff. And it is windy arbour, not milltown.


Six replies and no one has mentioned the dreaded ex-council phrase. Maybe because it’s priced at nearly €400 / sq ft? Some ex-council estates are more equal than others, it seems.

Personally I’ve spent a lot of time in the area and have no problems with the estate. However, this is crazy money to live in a small terraced house in the suburbs.


I thought it was obvious it was ex council. It’s a small pebble dashed terrace.


You might laugh at me if I ask you this question. what do you mean by sandworms? is actual worms or meant something else?



Thank you, good point!


thank you for the information.


actually that’s my real concern, I heard there are some council houses in St Columbanus area. Thank you very much for mention that.


Ok, I got it, if it’s peddle dash terrace which could mean council house…thanks. I am not from Ireland. So not familiar with some properties. and really afraid fall into a wrong area as foreigner.


Thank you all for the comments!


Just to remind people that all new estates built in the last number of years have the obligatory number of “council houses” as part of the housing policy / planning permission. So you may buy in a lovely new “private estate” and find a council tenant next door. I have no view one way or the other on this but think it may be hasty to write off the house simply because there are “some” council houses nearby. As a fact on its own it doesnt mean anything untill you ask around the neighbourhood and hear from people who live there.


Sorry for the flippant response, was in an odd mood. No sandworms.


Hi Lin, just to clarify…
Columbanus is an old area. Most of the council stock would have been bought by the tenants years ago.