Is St.Finians Lucan a rough place?

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Recently found a few houses near Lucan superquinn and most of them are in St.finians and Arthur Griffith Park, are those places rough like foxborough? Also I heard some parts of Esker is ok and some of them are rough too, any ideas?

A rule of thumb - named after a saint or a patriot - to be avoided. Just a rule of thumb, mind. I don’t know anything about either place or Lucan in general…

Esker Park is fine. I would’t go near St.finians and Arthur Griffith Park personally, got a bad reputation. Try across the bridge at Esker Lawns / Beech Park/Grove/Heights, aged population, hardly any kids around those neighbours. The village side of Lucan imo is better.

Anything the village side of the N4 is best, Cherbury or Sarsfield, Esker Lawns is nice but more expensive. Foxbouragh is not great but the 2 you mentioned are rougher though in a much better location.

I would not necessarily agree with this …A friend rented in Cherbury while his house (in Lucan) was being renovated…the house was poor quality, small and very close to the motorway with noise 24/7… Also, if you are motivated by price (who isn’t) then you could look at other areas close to Superquinn…See link below…I lived in this estate and never had any problems…pm me if you need anything else… … an/1419227

Agree to an extent. Cherbury wouldn’t be my first choice either, the sitting rooms are tiny too, but I have 3 friends who live there and like it and I think it’s a far better buy than the 2 in the OP.

I would agree with you on that point…

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What’s the primary school for Cherbury or Sarsfield, Esker Lawns…? Is the primary school as good as st.thomas?

I would imagine anything that side of the N4 would be in St Marys parish and it would be the schools in the village. Sorry not that up on parishes. My daughter goes to Griffeen Educate together, there are 5 ET schools in Lucan/Adamstown and they are all first come first served so doesn’t matter where you live so I never really looked into the other schools.

Dear All, I’m looking for a 3bed house in Lucan and found few interesting ones in Sarsfield Park and St Finians. Would you please advise if these areas are considered ‘rough’ or is it no longer the case? We have a tight budget of 250k so that definitely limits us. We are looking for something safe and near the schools. We are not tied to any area so if you have any other suggestions I would really appreciate your help. Best wishes,