Is supply coming on?


3,000 new homes to be built in middle of Dublin city

“We need to create and encourage a demand to live in the city, with city living of real quality, and using the transport networks and infrastructure the State has spent a lot of money on,” he said." …well better late than never I suppose :unamused:

“secure up to 30pc of the homes being developed for social housing purposes” …~1000 gaffs for social in D4? :open_mouth: … 31683.html


At least it’s something but the SDZ in cherrywood has been blocked from development for the last few years by the council. Reasons for refusal included the impact of the development on neighboring properties amenities and value.The decision is entirely up to the council in an SDZ as far as I can tell and excludes an bord pleanala. I imagine local Councillors will not be in favour of high density development. And if cherrywood can be blocked for years what will happen in D4?
Also did the industrial site not require some sort of cleanup which would take some time and money, this will have to be done properly


There’s already a fair bit of social housing in Ringsend…


i was going to comment the same, its not donnybrook to be fair


The problem I have is this.
How many people, who don’t work, will be getting an apartment/house there ?

They should not be building any social housing within 10 miles of the city centre.

This creates a classic crowding out phenomenon, whereby those people who work in town are forced to commute from the outskirts because they cannot find affordable access nearby.

Not only is this mentally stressful, but it’s bonkers to think these same people are paying (through taxes) for non-workers to live right next to town.


Agreed but I’d imagine it’ll be a compromise and somethng like 15%. Still 500 gaffs.


There’s social housing in Donnybrook too.


It’s still prime real estate and a great location which will be reflected in the private asking prices


Maybe someone can jog my memory here… Was there not some reason why they couldn’t build on this site? I seem to remember that megabucks were spent on the site by the Docklands crowd, and only then was there some kind of survey done that found that there was a problem in the ground which would preclude building anything there in the future. The site was rendered worthless almost before the bubble popped.

Maybe I’m remembering this all wrong. Could anyone shed any light?


social housing just about everywhere, id wager there is a more in ringsend compared to donnybrook though


Further opinion … 31668.html

#1275 … 19dd80.pdf

I hate run-on sentences, however, in this case, the EPA did not appear to be great at questioning the received wisdom of site values.

Given the new written-down site value of €60 million, the remediation cost seems high. … ed-to.html

It took years to process the site of the old gasometer on the quays.

As previously mentioned:

At least the giant fart issue has been resolved and the tinkers have been largely moved on but the prospect of development might attract some back in order to extort some ransom for moving again. The impact of the incinerator has not been assessed.

It will be years before there are any habitable buildings on this site.

There are better and easier sites that could be developed far more quickly.


I agree, but could you just imagine the labelling anybody who argued that would be subjected to.

Can’t afford a house. No job. Sure, sure, here, have a nice one in the most affluent neighbourhood in the country.

Have a job, pay tax. We have a nice estate coming up in the gateway to Dublin, Longford*. Pay up.

*Hat tip to ROCK


re: Social Housing I bumped into a old buddy a few weeks back. Nice guy but with a few problems including substance abuse etc. Anyway he was looking great (had been looking and acting pretty crap most times I had seen him for last 10 or so years), he was in good form and he was engaging more with broader society than heretofore although not working. Anyway what had changed? Well I am not entirely sure of causality re: his changed form/demeanour but he had been allocated a council flat. He was absolutely delighted with this. I would imagine his previous digs were pretty chaotic and not conducive to a cleaner lifestyle. Anyway hopefully further progress will ensue.


Chris Andrews SF on the radio this eve:

  • at least 30% to social housing
  • x % to affordable housing
  • x % to controlled rents
  • balance sold at market rates

Would u buy to live in that development!

#1279 … 1-Aug2016/


I did my little round of the people that I know in the Dublin property business and asked them how things were going so far this year. They were all curiously muted - sales were about the same as last year, prices were a bit higher, a few more sold at the high end and of course the Central Bank rules and Brexit had depressed the market. They reckoned that there were more small builders buying ‘doer-uppers’ - mainly the pre-63s although no-one could tell me whether they would stay as rentals or were going to be sold as family homes. The lady who shows houses said that she was generally doing organized showings for individual clients - in many cases they were under-bidders in previous sales - she said that all the EAs had a huge list of those but that a lot of them she felt were messers - that they had old approval that was unlikely to get renewed or that they were always looking to pay less than they bid on the one where they lost while the market was rising against them.

Anyway I was curious to see how the real figures from the PPR stacked up over the summer and over the year so far.

So last year 15380 properties were sold in the Dublin area.

Early in the year (Q1) sales volumes were very definitely down on the previous year - in Q2 they were about the same but when you look at Q3 which I’d say is just about complete sales are very definitely up - probably by 10%. Overall so far this year 12089 properties have sold in the Dublin area. There are probably about 200 more sales to show in the PPR for October. November has been pretty steady around 1000 -1100 sales over the last few years so taking the lower of the two figures less the ca 200 sales already recorded in November we can add 1000 to 12089 to give 13089. December is completely unpredictable - it has varied from 1500 to 2300 over the last four years - but lets add the lowest figure - that gives us 14589 - that’s 95% of last years figure. Since I’ve taken the lowest figures across the board I feel pretty confident that we’ll cross the 15000 sales and may even beat last years figures. Not bad for a year in which the evil Central Bank attempted to destroy the property industry by making it difficult for people to take on as much debt as they wanted.

Perhaps this is why the EA types were a bit quiet - the figures don’t seem to fit with the story they’d like us to hear.


Good post Metalmike. Interesting figures and all the talk all year of this being a much higher year in terms of sales!


pure anecdotal …but a colleague of mine looking to buy in North Kildare 350-400K range.
It appears to him that there is plenty of choice in the new bed market but not a lot of buyers around in the last month or so.

Anyone with a similar story ?


There is plenty of supply in Maynooth, Leixlip, Celbridge & Kilcock (Also Naas and Clane but not directly on train). Releasing in phases and trying to keep prices up, I count 8 new develpments in the 4 towns. Also plenty of old stock with about 50 houses inthe 300-450k range. The issue of housing supply in North Kildare is a myth IMHO. Fabricated. I could walk out and buy a house in North Kildare on the train line in any town today.