Is the most expensive site in Ireland?

The asking price for this site on the Sligo coast is €300,000 for 0.11 acre, roughly €2.73 million per acre.

The auctioneer is FF Senator Marc MacSharry, one party member who does not seem to have heard of the property crash!

I thought you couldn’t build on a site that small, but I see that it is a serviced site, so I suppose that is the difference?

10 minutes up the road in Leitrim you’d probably get about 6-8 acres for that kind of money. :unamused:

Yes, it could well be the most overpriced site in Ireland.

He seems to be trying hard NOT to sell it.

Why, I wonder?

Ah, the McSharry’s (senior and junior) and land in Sligo.

I believe this case is still trundling its way through the courts: … 31361.html … 8bbcda441a

You can take the culchie FFer out of the bog and put him in Europe. But he is still as slippery as a greased hyperactive eel and a slimey as an overflowing septic tank.

Yes, I am looking forward to this case - it will be heard next month, I think - when some of Sligo’s “great and good” will be questioned.
It is reminiscent of an Offaly case … 05210.html

Its like ground-hog day every day with these guys

At this price it really should include the house, but I have a funny feeling it doesn’t.

WTF. … 14/1614916

It depends on the site. It could be reasonable value. The myhome entry is severely lacking in detail.
I’ve made a couple of enquiries about this site to Lynam Auctioneers but have yet to receive a reply.

I think these 2 are the most expensive garden development sites on the market today.

This one working out at €5.25 million per acre if that was available.

And this on at €5 million per acre