Is there a highly placed mole?

Think about it.

There must be.

The revelations are being released in an uncontrolled fashion, not in the controlled fashion government wished to release them.

I was thinking that too. Why would the lads trying to run the show release news of all this crap now? Why did we or the international financial community need to know about all this dodgy stuff right now?

I’d put my money on there being scapegoated individuals who are in the mood for revenge.

Well with all kinds of threats of Garda Fraud Squad being sent in etc etc it would be the proportionate response from certain people to let others know that not only have they got the goods on them, they are also not afraid to use it.

(yawn…heard it bofore)

…and in true Irish style any information will be use to enrich the individual instead of helping the country…

diep throw’t