Is there a way to know which houses in a development are Part V?


I am looking at buying in a new development in Dublin and rightly or wrongly would like to ensure that the houses either side of me aren’t part V. There will be one part V house in the development. I don’t think the agent is allowed to disclose this info.

Is there any way to check this before purchase (or figure it out)? If not, is this information that will be published at a later date (e.g. by the council) such that a potential future purchaser of a house in the development would be able to know which one is part V, thus potentially impacting the sell on value of the houses either side.

I do appreciate that the assumption that a part V neighbor would be any worse than a private could be flawed in many ways but would like to know in any case, particularly if it is something a future buyer could know.


These are suggestions, may not be get you answers you want.

  1. Ask agent to confirm houses that flank your proposed house are not Part V. Thus they haven’t said where the Part V units are. If they need the sales, they’ll tell you.
  2. If it’s a Strategic Housing Development, generally >100 units, they legally need a separate web site for this when seeking planning which may show Part V units.
  3. Check planning file which may give some hint or indications.
  4. Check Property Price Register if some sales have already closed. If you see some sales closed with similar prices on the same day that may indicate Part V units.
  5. 10% of units go to Part V, so that might help you work out their location. Generally the cheaper and smaller units will go Part V.
  6. Ask the council directly, either planning or housing or both. Or contact the builder directly if the agent won’t tell you. Again if builders need the sale they’ll tell you.
  7. Pay a deposit, get the contract & have your solicitor add a condition to it whey you sign that you’re not flanked by a Part V unit. Again if they want a sale…
  8. Put a query on Propertypin for the estate you’re buying in!


I’ve heard that the fit out of part v houses can be different (I.e a lower spec kitchen or bathroom) if you can see discernible differences in the house next door if it’s at that stage that could be a clue.