Is there any way to find out who owns land?

I’m interested in putting an offer in on a house but the main thing stopping me is that the plot beside/behind it is a field that is rented out to someone who is housing livestock there. Their livestock are also roaming on part of the plot of the house I’m interested in. There is a clear delineation between the plots once you look for it but it wouldn’t be immediately obvious as the current owner has part of their garden fenced in for easy management and the rest is just left open onto the neighbouring field. If I bought the house, I would need to secure my garden before I even moved in as I have dogs and a toddler, which don’t mix well with livestock. I know the deeds would clearly show who owns what land but it’s very possible that the tenant nextdoor rented the land under the impression that they would have use of all the land and would take it very badly if fences were suddenly erected without their prior knowledge. I don’t want to start out with tensions and grievances.

It may all be a moot point as my estimation of what the house is worth and what the vendor may believe the house is worth could be too wide to bridge but I’d like to cover all bases.

Request that the vendor establish full possession of the property before signing contracts

Land registery, or your solicitor can do the search for you

In an ideal world I would recommend that the land be fenced before contracts are signed. This could be a problem though if there are other bidders who are less concerned about this. BTW, I am a farmer myself and in my experience these things need to be 100% clear.

FAQ … FAQs1.html

also … deeds.html

If the seller won’t fence it, can you have an informal chat with the farmer and ask him what he believes the boundary is?

I’ve done some digging and bought some information from the land registry found out who owns the field. If I do buy the house, I think we should be able to let them know a fence will be going up at the boundary without too many issues. The foundations of what I was told are the original wall are visible once you go up close but I’ll be checking that out before proceeding any further.

Watch out for the old bank-ditch-bank centreline debate!
Sorry - maybe all will be fine but do watch out for the inner Bull McCabe that resides within the Irish landholder and makes every inch so very precious.
Watch out for the symptoms in yourself (Hmmm … if I were to just nudge that stake a tiny bit! … who would notice!) as well if things progress and you are laying out the plot for fencing.
OS have a series of aerial photos of the entire country at roughly decade intervals going back to the 1950s in some cases and you can buy copies of shots of particular areas to determine the nature (not necessarily the legal lines, mind) of lost boundaries and fencing from these if a bit of historic back-up is needed.
Good luck with it all anyway.

Thanks. Not sure if it will ever be my problem. I had a chat with a builder after a second viewing and the ‘needs modernisation’ in the ad has turned out to actually mean quite a bit of structural work. Nothing I wouldn’t be ok with doing as it’s probably my favourite location but it’s going to make my offer lower than the vendor will probably accept. C’est la vie. 8DD