Is this a joke?

Nice enough house, but the area is a bit iffy, doesn’t warrant an asking price of €625-this is mad money.

It’s a grand area.

If your selling crack…

Could it really be for sale for almost 4 years now. First seen:2007-06-01 … ite=myhome

I cant think of any other area in dublin where you couldnt get the same house for equal or less and that is scissor sisters territory isnt it?

God yeah. I used to live round there, it is rrrrrrrruff!

Thought one of those gangland lords was shot near Summerhill, that’s just around the corner?

The street view on Daft is great to see how much of a kip it is. See the house up the road with the white picket fence? Sorry I meant razor wire fence.

According to PropertyBee, the advert hasn’t been updated in over a year.

I was about to write that according to the Daft page it was updated 3 days ago,
now I see it has just been updated 15 mins ago.
And guess what - it’s still €625k.
I really wonder at EA’s putting their names to this sort of stupidity, unless they are complete nuts, they know there is ZERO chance of selling this place for even a quarter of this price, yet they sit in their office wasting time, updating a fantasy.