Is this standard EA request?


Bidding on a house from early 1900s with another bidder.
Other bidder has higher bid.
EA said other bidder needs a survey to get mortgage approval and is doing that now - does that sound right?
EA also said I need to get my survey done now before putting in a counter offer.
All sounds unusual to me?


Forget about the mortgage shite, it’s only half true. From the EA’s perspective it means the house has issues, almost all old houses do, and he will not go sale agreed with you or anyone and take it off the market without the offer being firm and immediately withdrawn as soon as the top bidder’s surveyor gives them the full picture.

What you do now depends on how needy you are.

  1. Walk away
  2. Bid higher, but subject to survey.
  3. Get survey and decide whether to bid and risk counterbid from top bidder
  4. Stay in background. See whether the top bidder’s survey scares them off


The house might have issues.

The EA wants you to do the survey now, so that you can’t use it as an excuse to back out should your bid be accepted.


Not that you need an excuse to back out pre-contract signing.


Thanks all for your replies, they were very helpful!