Is this the most Celtic Tigery house in Ireland?

#1 … 18/2857824

Gigantic - check
Range Rovers (plural) parked in drive - check
Entrance pillars - check
Italian tiled floors - check
Marble kitchen counters - check
Home cinema - check
Wall mounted padded bed heads - check
Lots of decking - check
Home gym - check
Swimming pool - check
No sign of a bookcase - check

(Sneering aside, I’m sure it’s very comfortable and I’d probably be delighted to be able to live there…)


I think I read in the paper that it was bought as a shell in 2011 and finished afterwards which would make it the most Celtic Phoenix house!


BER of B2…

Tis very nice altogether.


I disagree.

the pillars, odd roof, scattered velux and random dormer windows with shitty conifers give it a more generic, almost timeless ugliness


Not only a Rangie but an OverFinch - F type. Movie memorabilia in the dining room. Distinct lack of books etc.


You forgot the HD home Cinema. tut tut!


According to the blurb just 15 minutes from Dundrum.


Cleary designed by someone who knows nothing about Home Cinema projectors. (The walls and ceiling should be much darker, otherwise the picture quality suffers badly.)


I don’t understand why it doesn’t have two proper floors and a proper roof. Is it some sort of planning restriction?

Love the swimming pool.


Silly name - check


it’s on a hill so almost certainly

Planners prefer squat/dormer houses to traditional farmhouses in rural areas -

look at this beaut down the road … 18/2851190


And the ride-on lawnmower needs to be parked on the deck for some reason!!! At that price I would be expecting that you could have the lawnmower in a shed… Surely the front door doesn’t have to face directly up the stairs in such an expensive house… For the overall size of the house it is not very well laid out imho… definitely a serious Celtic Tigery house contender!


the Bing maps view of this place is a riot!


Even with the size of this place, the estate agent still feels the need to “strech” the photos!! defo worth their 1.5% commission or €37,500!! |O


the house beside it has Disney style Turrets! That enclave looks like something out of Desperate Housewives.


The insides hurt my eyes. Why would you spend that much on building & finishing a house and make basic errors like getting the floor to ceiling heights wrong. Huge rooms & uniform & standard height ceilings make it feel really oppressive.


JHC on a bike. It is McMansionLand.


Swimming pool and the outside area are really nice, the interior has some nice pieces of furniture and clearly a lot of money was spent. Is it worth 2.5 million?


It’s a long way into Crystal at the weekends too 8-


The kitchen preses and handles are pig ugly imho - bespoke? They look cheap as chips.

The op needs to add the lift also imho.