Is this the most Celtic Tigery house in Ireland?






It passes the York test: if I inherited it now, would I be prepared to sell it for half the current asking rather than live in it for the rest of my life.

By a decent margin too. Gross.


Some of the comments are a bit harsh i think but crazily overpriced IMO

Hard to see someone paying much more that 1.3-1.5 and that’s a stretch


:smiley: Ouch!


Ah, it must have cost ~2m to build, surely. It’s vast and on 1 acre.

Although I don’t like it much, it is big and presumably warm. I’m sure there are lots of people in Ireland who would like it. Whether they have a couple of million to spare is another thing…


A tennis court tax could raise a fortune.


And only 3 minutes from the new halting site!

We can but speculate as to the seller’s motivation


Are these considered a sign of luxurious decadence or have I missed a trend?


I would guess that the build cost must be at least 1.5m and could easily be more depending on whether owner is in the business or not. And I’d say its a cosy house. Would still cost a lot in running costs.


I’m sure it is a great house to live in. The exterior does show how utterly stupid the planning laws are - instead of being allowed to build an attractive taller house (like the country house close by) they were forced to settle on some variation of the poxy dormer bungalow.


Ugly as shit but I sat on a padded leather sleigh bed in Homebase and despite initially laughing at how awful it looked, (not as bad as the wall mounted weirdness) it was so comfy I’m seriously considering buying one.


It’s crap architecture inside and out. There’d be a hundred and one ways to build a dormer style bung-glow far less ugly than this.

#34 … 18/2857824

Reduced from 2.5 to 2.2m

Still more to go here I think

Had another look at the pictures, interior is growing on me but still mad money


Some sure had a visit from the downlighter fairy.


Given that the lift goes down to the pool and directly into a bedroom, I’d guess that it was all installed with a disabled family member in mind. Which is great to be able to have if you need it, and the pool and gym is by far the least objectionable floor of the house.

As someone else said, it’s the room size to ceiling height ratio. It’s dreadful. I’m quite tall - but not that tall - and looking at it makes me feel like Gandalf visiting Frodo.


The glass floor in the family room looking down into the swimming pool…now that’s CLASSY!

Female visitors, avoid wearing skirts when anyone is doing the backstroke




As I remember, Brandywine was the company that made the Alien franchise. Since the owners are into movies that’s possibly where the name came from. Or indeed what that interior designer had copious amounts of before doing this house.


This got the Indo advertorial treatment last week … 79580.html