Is this the most Celtic Tigery house in Ireland?


From the latest Phoenix:

NO DOUBT thirty-something
entrepreneur Ian Henderson,
was delighted with the write-up
given to his big Rathmichael,
Co Dublin pile in the Indo last
The property is now on the
market with a €2.2m price
tag but seems to be bucking
the trend of fast-rising house
prices in and around the capital.
During the summer, Henderson
put his Brandywyne House up
for sale, asking €2.5m. Four
months later, he has knocked
€300,000 off the asking price,
which readers of the Indo must
fi nd hard to believe, having been
informed that the house is in
fact “the ultimate party pad”.
Apparently, Branywyne
House has been “designed for
life on a grand scale” and is
suitable for both “relaxed family
living and lavish entertaining”.
It has a “vast” breakfast
bar island opening onto the
“huge” deck area, where “the
party potential is obvious”.
Meanwhile, “set into the fl oor
of the family room are two glass
panels affording a view directly
onto the basement swimming
pool below”.
The property was built as
recently as 2007, but Henderson
picked it up in 2010 for around
€1m when it was still a shell and
is understood to have poured
well over €½m into fi nishing
the project. He hired Christine
Grech of Angel Designs, a
decorator who featured on
RTÉ’s Showhouse television
series, to complete the job.
Last year, Henderson set up
a company called Shoot Booths
Ltd with cameraman John
Blake. Both players hold 35%
stakes with the balance held by
Tristan Purcell-Wheeler, who
has been involved in assorted
businesses with the likes of
publisher Ray Egan and DJ/
promoter Ivano Cafolla. Shoot
Booths describes itself as
“Ireland’s leading photo-booth
hire and content generation
company… specialising in the
activation of bespoke faceto-
face content generation
activities”. It supplies interactive
photo-booths for corporate
bashes, weddings, clubs and
parties. Sounds like one would
be ideal for Brandywyne House.


oh so many comments about how ugly it is…really things are relative…is it really uglier than the lego look-a-like semi-d all across dublin?
Or the dormer bungalows across rural Ireland? Or the older famine era farmhouses ?

Where would you rather live? in that house or one of the above?


Well, I think the point of the comments is that pound for pound, it’s a shame.


Not my cup of tea, but i bet its a far better house than most here will live in.

And Beauty is objective, if we all liked the same thing wouldnt life be boring. Any attempt to quantify and make beauty a standard that should be rigidly stuck to strangles creativity.


Ive seen quite a few of these American style dormers in Ireland over the last decade. They seem to be the preferred design among the set who might previously have built a macmansion with colonial pillars by the front doors, etc. This one seems to have pretty low ceilings though, which would seem to defeat many of the more attractive characteristics of this design.


It looks like there was a relatively recent ‘vernacular’ 1 1/2 story with a subsequent extension built to the front to super size it. Doubt someone would go out and “design” something like this from a completely greenfield site. Or would they? :open_mouth:


Not really, windows are single glazed and floors are very difficult to clean. Going by ebay prices (US price + Irish VAT) it would also seem that acre site would set you back 75k E Source: I’m house developer (Lego only) and purchasing manager (on eBay).



This must be a contender for the “most Celtic Tigery house in Ireland”

Have to admit though it’s better than the gaff I’m currently living in :frowning:


What the actual fuck. That’s terrible.


Down she goes. Another 9% off the price, now asking 1,995,000.


Somebody taking the saying “my home is my castle” too literally.

I have to agree it’s not very nice inside or out. And they had such a good view to work with.


A/ How did they get planning for that!
B/ Could you imagine negotiating that drive way of a Saturday night with a good few pints on-board!


2.5m -> 1.995m is a 20.2% drop.


Needs more chunky drops i would think before someone bites.


Yes but 2.2m -> 1.995m is 9%.


Apologies, I wasn’t implying the 9% was wrong. I was just giving the total drop.


Ah yes I see. Thanks.


The Danes, Ashford, Co. Wicklow
€1,500,000 - 5 Bed Detached House 772.6 m² / 8316 ft² For Sale … ow/3126044
New contender? Seen it for rent before, not sure if it was for sale before. At least it’s better looking than the Rathmichael one…


So much want. But I really don’t understand the utility of several sets of plug sockets on the stair riser.


looks like a Golf Club[house]?

Wouldn’t turn it down though…

SoCoDu - do you recall the rent?