Is this the most Celtic Tigery house in Ireland?


The more I think about it, it may actually be confusing it with another Celtic Tiger Castle in Wicklow- just looks familiar, but it’s been a good 5/6 years since I spotted the one I’m thinking of (possibly this). Don’t recall the rent.



Guess my memory didn’t fail me :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m wondering about that as well. I guess it might be a gym, so the sockets could be for machines of various types, but it looks like an invitation to trip over cables as you descend/ascend the stairs.

All in all the place does a good job of making a conference center look homey.


And we must not forget the chandelier in the stairs . . . that is to small . . . to out of place . . . let me not get started.


I like it :slight_smile:


There’s definitely enough space to house a bull.


is that some sort of Super Aga???


/\ looks more like cadaver storage


800 sq.m. and the EA still can’t resist using the super wide angle lens.

1.5m price tag, mad size, aga, sauna, more bathrooms than bedrooms … Yes, many of the requisite boxes are ticked to contend for the Most Celtic Tigery House prize. But wait, what’s this on the balcony? A knee-high, basketball sized, €20 Argos bbq? I’m sorry sir, you’re disqualified. A 6 foot fire pit with integrated hog roast spit is the minimum requirement.


Katy McGuinness of the Indo must be a pin reader.


At a price of €1.5m, there can be little doubt that the purchaser of The Danes will be getting an awful lot of house for their money. It will have cost in the region of double that to build. :nin


I feel this house deserves the resurrection of this thread. It even comes with the full Irish Times magic dust

Complete with a Ross O’Caroll-Kelly-esque quote

“One of my sons was a Senior Cup rugby player and his pals would be over almost every day, so it – and the sauna – really have had great use.”

Rightsizing you hear, not downsizing

The owners, with an empty nest, are now rightsizing nearby and have placed their home in turnkey condition on the market through


The bedroom wardrobe is rounded at the end. I think that’s a nice design touch.

The bookcase is too which looks a little impractical.

This place could make a good restaurant if they have space for parking.


Should we start a thread “If money was no object I’d buy this gaff in Ireland”?



… If money was no object I’d build a gaff like this…