Is Willie O'Dea a pinster?

Willie, having taken cover in the long grass after his memory lapses as minister of defence, appears to have been doing some reading. I was shocked at his latest contribution in the Sunday Indo. What the hell is going on?

So we have to give up our economic and fiscal sovereignty? There you have it folks. FF, the traitor’s party.

I am slightly shocked that an FF person is capable of that level of analysis.

If senior members of FF are capable of that level of thought, it means that FF don’t do what they do out of incompetence but intentionally.

It’s a good analysis - I suppose that after being forced out of cabinet he feels free to speak his mind.

Now that he isn’t turning up to the Dail these days, maybe he is using his time to actually see what is going on in the world?

No no no no no.

This is “good man” Willie.
Let’s forget anything that might have ever placed a negative character on Willie.

This article is setting it straight.

Rubbish. This is the typical double talk of a FF rep.

Tell and Do one thing one day.
Give you excuses and the opposite and do bad the next day.
Forget such analysis (he probably copied it from somewhere else after it was scanned and validated by FF head office). These guys know all the tricks. Especially this trickster.

Another FF rat starts looking for a way off the ship. This one even looks like a rat !

After all, this is a direct contradiction of what Biffo & BL said about the suggestion last week that member countries will have to have their budgets vetted by the EU in future.

Yes indeed, fishfoodie. Corporal Willy is countermanding his superior officers. He has left his post and gone AWOL. Perhaps he is manouveuring to a better defensive position on higher ground, but the possibility remains that he has become a rogue agent. A lone wolf, outcast from the pack.

He no longer has to keep spouting the bullshit. A lot of Government ministers have to engage in double-think. They have to keep saying things they don’t normally believe. I don’t think any right-thinking person seriously believes Mary Coughlan’s views on Irealnd losing economic and fiscal sovereignity.

Truly weird but this video from the ‘Limerick Post’ may help answer the question posed by the thread.

But does Willie look like he has been involved in a Limerick Street fight ?

Is that a nasty looking scar on his cheek ?

His first few words portray a man who has had his entire family and village wiped out! The self pity is enough for me to stop there…

That would be a NO then.

Pretty pathetic article I thought. Several hundred words that essentially said ‘dont like the look of this’ repeatedly without ever acknowledging why we are in the crappy position or ever sugggesting an alternative solution to the problem.

Sindo should ask him to try harder next time. Any decent paper would

Is that Willie positioning himself to be joint finance minister with Lennie come Autumn?

Promoting himself as the only high profile FF figure with business experience is what I heard.

And accountants run this shop so there will be no argument there

Hilarious - I guess I must be a “troglodyte” given I don’t live in D4 and speak with a certain “accent” - jesus Willie you’re a good laugh ain’t ya… maybe you’re views don’t deserve any consideration (maybe you’re a lying toad?) :angry:

Saw this when I was looking at the other youtube vid posted above… pretty funny

Most of those politicians don’t write that stuff. Liars in the form of spin doctors and PR consultants do it for them. The politican will review and sign off on it and off away to the newspaper it goes.