ISEQ companies that issue dividends

I’m feeling tigerish at the moment. Grrr.

So I was looking at starting investing. My limited knowledge says to only really look at companies that issue dividends, so that even if the share price falls, there is ongoing income.

Looking at the ISEQ, though, on a random sample of shares:
AIB - last div Apr 05
BoI - last div Jul 05
CRH - last div May 05
C&C - last div Jul 05
Kingspan - last div Jun 05
Elan - never
IL&P - last div May 05

I’m using Yahoo finance to get this info.

So, am I using the wrong site (i.e. is this info wrong?), or am I ‘valuing’ companies incorrectly? To me it looks like the property market - low yield, hope for capital appreciation. Where am I going wrong?


Dividends are taxed as income tax whereas capital gains are capital gains tax. If you’re paying higher rate income tax, a company which has a high dividend yield may be a bad place to put your money. If you’re investing for growth rather than income (as most young people are), your strategy will be different to say a recently retired person.

I’d recommend looking into ETFs and buying funds to spread your risk. The “Investing 101” section on my blog has a lot on all of this.

I would endorse that. Take the market return on the whole with at least a 5 year investment horizon on equities.

Keep a little play money back if you like the idea of researching specific stocks and spend that finding interesting ideas that aren’t in the mainstream.