ISEQ: Up or down? - The Stockmarket Thread

Maybe this might be of use?
Shane F. Whelan’s Website (Consultant Actuary)

He seems to be an academic. Maybe someone who knows about how the iseq level is determined might be able to say if this data is relevant or not?
He has a couple of graphs here:
some data here:

His thesis is here:
is chapter 2 relevant? … 2ranke.pdf

lol. Very nice.

At least our economy and banks are strong and this whole mess is all just down to misguided low confidence.
We must be the envy of all those other countries with real worries.


Do you think will the ISEQ flatline tomorrow and need a defibrilator to get it started again.

Scary graph. Amazing to think of the highs not so long ago and now this. Jaysis.

Why would in flatline, when it has another 2000 points left that it can drop?.

CRH now makes up about a third of the exchange, I think, can anyone confirm that?
They are claiming to be ear-marked of Obama’s ‘massive stimulus package’. I know a lot of women who would like to be ‘targeted’ with that!

CRH 33.45% (dependent on US funds)
Ryanair 17.06% (dependent on low oil prices, unless they hedge successfully this time)
Elan 9.6% (dependent on not killing more of their patients)
Kerry Group 7.65% (hmmm, people always have to eat)

…and ARYZTA AG at 5.65%. Who are they? Exaccctly.

Oh, and by the way, I found the massive stimulus package comment unnecessary and sexist. :laughing:

Bread, fittingly … :frowning:

Will Rally Monkey will be reporting for duty today?

He showed up yesterday - I feel the worlds rally monkeys have a strong union (they rarely work two days in a row and usually need 3 days off between shifts)

Huge pop in the Irish banks as a result of the rally monkey’s interventions…
IL&P up, count em slowly to make em last, 4 cents#
BoI up, wait for it, 1.9 cents
AIB, er, up 0 cents or 0% Must be a misprint. Should be a gazillion or something.

Go! Monkey! Go!

(As of 15 minutes ago on Yahoo)

With Germany’s GDP dropping 2.1% in Q4 I’m expecting the rally monkey to head off for a kip after his tea break.

You know that Cuisine de France muck? Yea, that’s one of the products they’re responsible for.

Ah, they used to be IAWS.

Yep, and they also own a majority shareholding in Origin.

As an aside, does anyone have any thoughts on this company?

They look quite interesting.

Elan to cut 115 jobs in Dublin and Athlone - IT