ISEQ: Up or down? - The Stockmarket Thread


Huge ramp into the close in the US.


as I warned yesterday…bearish sentiment extreme drove the squeeze, italy downgrade hitting futures though


Italy Downgrade


carnage so for the next few days
any bets on another emergency meeting by the end of the week


Where do you want to meet BD


Zerohedge- One for all, And all for one.


Is the stock market run by 5 year olds?


Pretty much.

My guess is they’ve all seen the video of that chap who was on the Beeb the other day and they are out to get him. It is other people’s money, after all…


History rhyming in the Dow…An interesting comparison to the collapse of 2008. This set up is going to create a great shorting opportunity, or another very powerful short squeeze.


this rally could go on for a while unless something bad happens soon, who knows


It’ll be interesting to see.


Looks like someone took the remote control off the 5 yr old.
Dow down 246 points.

I still think the US don’t realise how difficult it will be to get European wide agreement and how the US Banks will be battered if bank failures occurs. BAC and GS are both reporting earnings tomorrow. Their guidance will be closely watched. It will be an interesting 7 days.


Dow +339 pnts or 2.86%


Pah, the ESX was up nearly 8% yesterday at one stage, as was the Dax.


Was looking at last nights close on the VIX before the open. It was 27 and change, it’s north of 36 now and the Dow is down 400 points. There haven’t been too many days when the Nas is down 100 points.

Call the close anyone? -250 I think.


Tough call today, usually I would bet on support entering around now, 3pm EST, but there is a different feel about today’s decline, it seems like it might stick and end up -350 or more.


And the recovery only took 2 days, the Dow has almost recovered completely the losses of 2 days ago and it seems on the basis of consumer CONFIDENCE and the Mighty Monti, one wonders when this game of high stakes snakes and ladders will end, the markets seem to be a pure sentiment play these days, not allot of numbers backing up anything. Happy w/e, rest in faith of confidence.
UNLESS, of course, we get a sell off later today 8DD


US Bond pit is closed. Was a similar rally on Columbas day when it was closed.


Anyone care to explain to me why with all the doom and gloom, a threat of multiple downgrades and potential Euro collapse / breakup etc…

Why are Shares all up today?

Is everyone tuning Euro into shares? Or is it those dam 5 year olds at it again?


Welcome to the bizarro rigged ponzi scheme otherwise known as the stock market. Notwithstanding the fact that the ECB is out QE’ing the FED at the moment (and not in actual reality sterilizing monitizations), maybe it’s the algos ramping the market in a bid to shake out weak shorts (which causes a small ramp in itself). However there has been little short interest lately, so this tactic may fall short, we’ll see