ISEQ: Up or down? - The Stockmarket Thread


We had record sales of vacuum tube radios during the great depression. LCD tellys were the big sellers on friday, and its not surprising since they have collapsed in price (I sold a second hand one 12 months ago for the same price you can buy a new higher spec model for today)

Everyone is printing and the market is reacting to that


international equity markets up another 3% today on this latest FED intervention…or have I got that all wrong too and its all just some ponzi scheme


Main story on the 3pm news is the “stockmarkets worldwide surging ahead” dow up around 380 points…they think its all over :stuck_out_tongue:


what did I tell ya…short covering…

this period reminds quite a bit of Sept 2008 in the way the market is behaving…two steps forward three steps back. Only way we are higher at year end is if we get a clear and benign resolution to the Euro issue.

#5545 … urope-week


I;m not saying these guys are wrong.

But …

The hedge funds has a very clear and vested interest in seeing financial markets fall.

As such, my own view is that the zerohedge guys should be treated with the same caution as an estate agent economist.


Nope, its printing, as I said at 10.51 this morning before the big ramp happened…due to printing.

I’m not opposed to the conecpt squeeze. I actually predicted the market would rally at the bottom of the dip on Oct 4th, which came powerful and fast for most of October

This time is different


and the answer is in… … ope-monday



If I wanted to read ZeroHedge I’d go there. Sometimes it’s worthwhile often it’s worse than worthless.
Please contribute something more - i.e. your own reasoned opinions


Slasher, the reason for the monday morning ramp is obvious now. I had a personal feeling it wasnt due to the black friday no margin sales records (not from zero hedge). Why would Eurpoe rally so much on news from the US? I didnt see anyone else on here casting light on the situation.


[all other things being equal] Europe always rallies on positive news from the US.

If you are positing on the basis of that ZH posting i.e. a leak from the meeting then you should be aware that they are referring to a disconnect at approx 9.30 US time… / 2.30 pm

this post was made before then

and the futures rallied hard from early in the European morning
not saying there wasn’t a leak, but but it doesn’t fit in with that particular ZH post


Could the Iseq break through 3000 this week for first time in nearly a year? Currently [*2,969.41 * (


Does it matter?

It’s in new waters now, past performance can not be a guide.


Downgrades all round yet markets rising. anyone care to explain?


massive QE expected, and happening


Money managers are unhappy because 70% of them are lagging the S&P 500. Economists are unhappy because they do not know what to believe: this month’s forecast of a strong economy or last month’s forecast of a weak economy. Technicians are unhappy because the market refuses to correct and gets more and more extended. Foreigners are unhappy because due to their underinvested status in the U.S. they have missed a big double play: a big currency move plus a big stock market move. The public is unhappy because they just plain missed out on the party after being scared into cash. It almost seems ungrateful for so many to be unhappy about a market that has done so well. Unhappy people would prefer the market to correct to allow them to buy and feel happy, which is just the reason for a further rise? Frustrating the majority is the market’s primary goal.

– Bob Farrell, Merrill Lynch; September 1989


ISEQ currently higher than the CAC. Next stop the FTSE…

The road appears to be falling to meet us…


Index level, does it mean anything in the case of the ISEQ?

There are no Iseq tracking products any more.

If CRH was to halve, then the ISEQ falls 20%.

The CAC is a broad index with several European leading companies. It provides a platform for investment.

The ISEQ has maybe 6 stocks worth looking at as viable investments, and 2 or 3 other punting stocks.

The ISEQ in total has about the same market cap as Danone.

Sorry to be a bubble burster; the ISEQ as an index should be put out of its misery.


Where have you been the last three and a half years?

I beg to differ on the market cap, though. AIB is the largest bank in Europe by market cap… :smiley:


Dow down 217 points to 12177