ISEQ: Up or down? - The Stockmarket Thread


Haven’t seen FAUGH45568 post in a while but back in summer 2010 he made a couple of posts in this thread regarding the so-called “Hindenburg Omen” technical indicator for stocks on the NYSE and in particular marking a possible crash.

FT has an article on same today and also mentions the 2010 period … ab7de.html


I need a new broker, mostly for long term holds although I do like to make a couple of quick buys and sells every now and then, looking for someone cheap and reliable with an online interface a must, dont need shorts/spreads/T20s or anything like that but it would be nice if the option was there, who’s the best these days please, US/UK shares mostly but lowest fees for an nfrequent trader is my main criteria. Thanks.


Surely we could have an auld conspiracy theory at least lads

US markets crippled by Nasdaq outage

By Arash Massoudi in New York

US equity markets were crippled by a technical breakdown on Nasdaq on Thursday that brought stock trading on the country’s second-largest exchange to a halt for more than three hours. … z2ck37FBIl




Wasnt it squirrels the last time :laughing:


Kind of slipped under the radar but ISEQ is now above 5000:

Bank of Ireland now almost 36 cent, from 13 cent a year ago:

A gamblers stock maybe but quite a comeback relatively speaking.



Great prediction :smiley:


Can anyone tell me what’s happen in the Biotechnology world, share prices have gone through the roof?


Terrible prediction… in my humble opinion.


My pension has been 100% invested in Irish equity for the last 3 years excluding the summer months (May to October) when I switch into cash :slight_smile:


It went as low as 1900 March in 2009. I think these predictions were made in 2007/8 when it was coming down from its peak of 10,000 in June 2007. So the prediction that it would go as low as 3000 was not pessimistic enough.


Stockmarket sell offs continue … iness-live


Don’t mind that shit. Ireland is immune to external shocks. Don’t ya know we’re in recovery like? 8DD


Would this have an impact on the amount of cash that soon to be cash buyers would have? i.e. people who were gonna cash out equities to at least part fund property purchase?


Markets are in free fall the last few days. Investors are fleeing riskier assets and heading for safe heavens like gold and US bonds. Do you think that they are all going to pile into distressed assets like Irish property? If this continues, Irish house prices are only going one way. The government might want to start revising those bullish growth forecasts too


That’s over 12 months of equity rallies in the FTSE, Dax, CAC and ESX taken out in a few weeks.


Easy come easy go.

I’ve been mentally preparing myself for a big correction since 2012. My conservative* buy-and-hold portfolio is down about 9% from the end-Sept peak but that only wipes out gains since mid-August.

It’ll take a further -10% before I start seriously questioning my asset allocations, at which point I’ll declare a buying opportunity before riding the bear the rest of the way down. :smiley:


Bulls climb the stairs, bears jump out the window.


ISEQ back over 5000 after falling to 4200 in mid October.