ISEQ: Up or down? - The Stockmarket Thread


ISEQ index over 6000 this morning. Peaked at 10,000 in June 2007 and fell to its low point of 1900 in March 2009.


Still 100% invested in Irish equities but might switch to cash a bit early this year :slight_smile:


Ah, the Gay Byrne school of diversification!

Seriously why would you concentrate all your investments in a small country the population of Manchester?


With the euro weakening lots of Irish companies will be looking at further profits.

AIB & BOI should continue to strengthen and QE about to kick in - hard to see it not rolling over 7,000


Somebody who understands the risk they are taking :slight_smile:


Seems a bit nuts to be 100% in Irish equities to me too, especially for a pension, there could still be several unexploded bombs in the Irish recovery. I would spread some around into Sterling and USD, at least they aren’t about to launch QE. You might be young enough to recover from anything of course.


Luan’s investment strategy sorry Luan :smiling_imp:



My rather quirky investment style has delivered a 23% p.a. (Money weighted) after all charges. I wonder how the average pinster stands up?

As I have another 20 years till I retire now is the time to be chasing alpha.


23% p.a. over how many years? It’s not possible to keep that up for a long time. It’s just gambling.


29% annualised total return in the last 24 months, which is about the same as US Large Cap Equity.

Current holdings.

But any dart-throwing monkey can make money on the way up…


Mind me asking what specific stocks you are buying or just ones that track the whole index?


Sorry I forgot to say 23% p.a. is based on the performance over the last 10 years.


Warren? Is that you?


Ok, that’s good, but it’s still gambling, but it’s good.


As it is a but standard pension product I am limited in the range of assets. As such all I am doing is timing my entry and exit out of risk positions.

For information pre 2012, I was flicking in and out of the US equity fund.


His is p.a. is higher over a much longer period :slight_smile:


so tax free too, well done!


Tax deferred :slight_smile:


Well my investment has grown by 706.32% over the last 10 years.

Last month it grew by 12.26% alone.

Happy days!



I do think it is important to consider the rise and fall in the relative cost of currency when buying a share.

The £ sterling devalued more then 400% against the detuchmark between 1953 and 1990.

If you bought shares in a FTSE company in 1953 it would need to gain in value 400% just to be worth the same as shares bought in a DAX company even if that DAX company shares had stood still.