ISEQ: Up or down? - The Stockmarket Thread


any news from smurfit kappa , closed below twenty euro today , earnings in two weeks


Tesla down 7% again, Linkedin absolutely tanking, Netflix down another 10%. NASDAQ not looking good. Anyone planning on grabbing a few bargains?


“Five reasons LinkedIn had its worst day ever” … t-day-ever



There’s the problem right there. LinkedIn had a P/E of 50x. It is, like most of Internet 2.0, an advertising company. And online ads have peaked.


Carnage again today, down nearly 3.6%.

The Dax was nearly at 12,400 last April and is now hovering just above 9000 points.


QE doesn’t work.
Maybe, finally, this scare will move us toward fiscal stimulus.


It’s a scary time to be an investor, isn’t it? For the last three years, cash in my pension fund has been returning -0.1%/-0.2%. When stocks went completely crazy last year, it took an enormous effort of will for me to move some capital out of equities and into something that I knew was going to generate a negative return. What’s even scarier is that by going into cash, you are essentially taking a position against central banks who only want to push asset prices up. With that said, the market declines have presented some opportunities. Emerging markets have been pulverised and are now at reasonable valuations in my opinion. Well capitalized, large cap energy companies are also cheap. Outside of that though, I really struggle to see opportunities that aren’t at very least fairly priced. Just give me a 10% decline across the boards and I will start putting that cash to work!


Feel free to post your Buys here when the time comes please HouseBuyer, been sitting on cash for a year, well its in Prize Bonds but Ive only won €100.


It seems a lot of investors are piling into government bonds. … SL9N143007


Would he ever just use his bloody bazooka. WE’re 10 months on from the EUR:USD hitting 104 and now we’re back at 112.


MSCI Emerging Markets Index is a good way to get a broad spread of diversification to higher quality, large cap, emerging market equities that have been heavily sold off.

In terms of energy, stick with well capitalized, high quality companies which are producing and have excellent balance sheets. Royal Dutch Shell and Chevron Corporation for me tick those boxes.

Good old Berkshire Hathaway is also attractive at these levels. Shares will be bought back at 1.2x book value, and the share price is only trading just above that level now.

Would like to see another 10% decline before I really start to get interested though.


for low vol and reasonable income keep an eye on SPHD – which pays a monthly divi
and is pretty much flat over the last 12 months - probably up in total return … hart&t=5y#{“useLogScale”:true,“range”:“5y”,“allowChartStacking”:true}


Not really low volatility for a euro investor though? Last year’s dividend would have been wiped out just by last week’s currency movement.


**yes, very fair point, I was thinking in Dollars!
but it is very low vol; price it up total return vs. spx and vol adjusted;
Last 12 mnths SPHD is -1.19% … whereas the S&P is down 10.34% so pretty big difference…
And over the last 2 years SPHD is up +18% while the S&P is up 3% …

Obviously it’s still equity exposure, so if you want pure income then bonds or preferred are going to be the better choice


Thanks for the tip btw, very useful (just in case I sounded picky).


Brought Lloylds today at 57.45


Bit of a falling knife no?


Perhaps but than again I brought property in 2012.

Beware the stopped clock is right twice a day :slight_smile:


Can anyone tell me why Credit Suisse isn’t a good buy at these levels ?

Currently trading at a 24 **year **low.
It has been through the proverbial sh1tstorm.
Is it getting it’s act together well enough to buy again ?


Their Q4 results were dreadful