Islamic Terror Watch In Ireland

Unfortunately, it’s time for a discussion on Islamic terror groups in Ireland.

Oybek Jabbarov was discussed here a few weeks back. An individual who served time in Guantanamo Bay but we were told by NGO’s sponsoring his resettlement in Ireland that he was a real coup for this country.

A few years later, we learn that not only him, but five others are sponsoring Islamic terror.

The Uzbek and Irish nationals are facing more than 200 charges between them.

200 charges!

Mr Jabbarov faces a further charge of directing the activities of a criminal organisation, between 2009 and 2019.

Remember the NGO’s were howling that this guy was totally innocent and that getting this guy into the country was a big diplomatic coup that showed just how humanitarian and benevolent Ireland is :joy:

These people should be deported. There is no other correct answer.