Israel October 27th - Massive Attack, Invasion, Failed Invasion, or beginning of Big War?

Faster Than Science > Ireland to resettle millions of Palestinian Gaza Refugees

I see shit like this all over my news feeds.

Everyone talks about Ireland as being the most pro-Hamas side in Europe (in MSM, Hamas is the same as Palestine). Our regime actually has us in the worst of both worlds.

Arab Muslims will never, ever accept Irish Christians as being an ally. Even when it comes to paying for oil at the pumps, we will never, ever get a special deal.

Israel and their backers are appalled at our supposed anti-semitism. All our support for Hamas has made us stand out. On multiple occasions Israel has signaled Ireland as a destination for Islamic extremists.

Dale Carnegie wrote a famous book called How to win friends and influence people. Our political elite have decided to wade into a debate they know little about and have ended up achieving the opposite. Maybe their book should be called “How to lose friends and alienate everybody”.

Maybe this is a post for regime defeats and humiliations?

There is no Irish State.

Only people.

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Correction: Our hated political elite*

*Who keep expecting to be treated like 1989 Irish politicians despite all being Communists who deserve to be treated like 1989 Communists.

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So our political elite are hated by Arabs.

They are hated by Jews.

But perhaps you are wrong. Maybe they are loved by their own, right?

Young Fine Gael apparently had a party conference tonight.

The caption to this Tweet went something like this.

Standing room only at the Special Conference on the Role of the Member. Large presence of young people in the room.

Someone gave another prospective of the “young” Fine Gael gathering.

But maybe you are wrong though? We are definitely not in 1989 communist territory :smiley:

19th Nov

Emily Hand is on the list of hostages that will be released by Hamas :pray:

Well worth a listen. If to do nothing but provoke your own thoughts.

If true then Hamas did not want a ceasefire and was not serious. Implications being the hostages, all or many of them, are already dead (very few proof of life videos).

If its Israeli propaganda then they didnt really want a ceasefire and will continue on.


The search party must have found that lost girl



Like you lost your wallet and on an off chance it was returned to you.

:face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

I have no dog in the Israel/Palestine battle, but on this one occasion I unequivocally back the Irish dad who had his daughter abducted.

Shame on the Irish lefties who kept their mouths shut about Emily Hand the entire time.

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Varadkar (or whoever runs the acc) still having issues dealing with the plight of “little Irish girls”, can’t seem to find or use the right words again. :thinking:

Varadkar falls foul of free speech laws :whistle:

Irish ambassador to Israel summoned for ‘reprimand’ over Varadkar remarks after Hand release

The Israeli foreign minister says he has summoned the Irish ambassador in Tel Aviv “for a reprimand” following Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s statement on the release of Emily Hand.

The Taoiseach last night described nine-year-old Emily’s release as an “enormous joy and relief” on the social media platform X, adding that “an innocent child who was lost has now been found and returned, and we breathe a massive sigh of relief”.

Many in Israel have taken exception to Mr Varadkar’s comment, in particular the terms “lost” and “found”.

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If you did a Venn diagram of where Varadkar is at, it would show very little cross over. He is operating on a political postage stamp. Jogging on the spot.

One week, attacking the rights of indigenous Europeans to speak out against immigration.

The next week attacking Zionists for their conduct in Gaza.


It’s not like most people are going to notice the political paradoxes…

It’s actually much simpler than that. He’s gay. He has a standard gay man’s views now.

Going for it.