Israel October 7th - Declares State of War - Red October?

The Menace is really ramping up its Alchemical buzz in the world right now so discernment FTW!

What is Far away is being imported by the tens of thousands in Ireland.

Gaza trending on twitter, a quick look shows at a minimum, an Israeli border post over run - possibly a military base. Tank destroyed/damaged, prisoners and vehicles taken across to Gaza. Israel conducting a reprisal operation now, airstrikes etc.

I`ve always seen it as clear injustices against the Palestinians and what happened to them is actually a potential parallel to what is occurring to Europe today in reverse.

However, with the Islamification of Europe, I now see any reduced Islamic footprint as a good thing. Yes I am aware this is a ‘two wrongs making a right’ kind of thinking that is essentially morally bankrupt.

This is a clash of civilisations.

People rounded up at bus stops and executed

Rumors are coming that Hamas killed mayor of Sha’ar Hanegev in Israel.


The situation in Israel

  • The Palestinian fighters have freed prisoners from Ashkelon Prison.
  • The Palestinians claim to have taken several Israeli soldiers hostage
  • Israel’s military has lost control over a border crossing with Gaza
  • Hamas calls on armed groups in Lebanon to join the fight against Israel
  • The Palestinians have taken several Israeli soldiers hostage
  • The Israeli settlers run towards airports in mass as Palestinian resistance fighters’ retaliatory attacks intensify.
    -The war is getting very brutal, Israel is bombing civilians in Gaza, Palestine is liquidating Israeli civilians in cities
    -Palestinians destroyed Israeli tanks

IDF are currently fighting Hamas and other militant factions in multiple locations;

  • Kfar Aza
  • Sderot, Sufa
  • Nahal Oz
  • Magen
  • Be’eri
  • Re’im military base.

Israeli Forces have reportedly regained control of a police station in Sderot.

The Israeli Defense Force has announced that it has begun “Operation Iron Swords” which will involve Major Operations against Hamas in Southern Israel and in the Gaza Strip while also including the Call-Up of over 10,000 Reservists; they also state that they are preparing for an Escalation on the Northern Front with Lebanon.

Israel caught completely off guard. Massive failure of their supposedly top intelligence agency.
Dont let that be Europe when you are her age

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Alchecimally perfect so far.

Watching the footage streming out of event, it’s readily apparent this will be Kyballion’d to the MAX, and so a salient point posted to twitter, cause some folks like to wage war by deception and are very good at it still - Say No To Drugs Kids!

Bullshit. It’s a dispute between two Semitic tribes.

Israeli major general captured

Forget all that, don’t get played, gotta stay on topic.

Now, it’s fascinating how the invaders even in Israel are able to walk in, nay roll on in SUV’s not a bother like, and conduct their commemorative festival of ISIS meets Ghaddfi using women as the stand ins.

IIRC correctly many of the israelis not only have military tailing but are armed. Not privy to every video bursting onto the net, but it’s a serious type of escalation that’s checking a lot of boxes.

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You saw Gaddafi girl too? She hopped out of the boot so happily! She read the Stage Directions!

Just a few weeks ago Armenians were forcibly expelled from land that they can justifiably claim was theirs for over 1,000 years. The silence from the MSM and western governments was absolutely deafening.

So you can forgive me for not giving a shit about a state that illegally occupies Palestinian territory.


Just remember, Israeli’s are no friends of yours.

Israeli military base captured with lots of equipment intact.

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This little war seems to suit everyone.

For Netanyahu - he was having trouble with military reservists refusing to serve in an emergency. Now their treachery is clear…

For Palestinian leadership. Let off some steam. Kill off the hotheads. Keep leadership in place.

For American Zionists. Great propaganda. “We must support our greatest ally”

For Open Borders Maniacs: “The Middle East is unstable. We must open our homes”


Israel Live Cam

Feast of Tabernacles.

Israel was the critical factor in supplying lethal weapons to Azerbaijan to ethnically cleanse Armenian Christians.

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I think you’ve nailed it.

Exporting Islamic Jihadists is A-Ok, just as long as they go to Europe.

Multiculturalism is a wonderful thing, just as long as it doesn’t happen in Israel.

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