Issue with Landlord - Advice needed

vetting tenants isn’t all that easy - most people say “sure they were grand”.

I too am a LL,there is no way a filthy mattress like that should be entertained for a second,the guy renting you the property is a person of extremely low standards,each new letting I ask the tenant if they have their own bed(s) or want me to leave the bed(s) in place with a new mattress,thankfully I have always found treating people like you would like to be treated yourself means they they reciprocate in kind. I have a low turn over of clients.

It always struck me that was`nt it a great pity the lousy tenant and equally s**tty LL could not under some karmic law always and forever be stuck with each other,saving the rest of us from their contemptible behaviour.

The tone of your post is bit bizarre but I’m sure you aware that once you sign a lease you need a slightly better reason than “dodgy mattress” to walk away.

It is in other countries and it certainly is my preference. It also creates a market for used furniture as people churn their stuff rather than moving it.

Absolutely, but you don’t have to buy a house to get that freedom.

We’re going to buy a new 1 mattress this evening and just give the LL the receipt and ask her to pony up when-ever we manage to get a hold off her.
I’m not going to buy two new mattresses incase she tries to leave us out of pocket. We’ll get to remove the other two and buy the second one when we speak to her.

Son-in-law deserves a chinning as he said he’d get back to me and didn’t bother his hole, I’ll have harsh words for him the next time he comes round.

Tyler - I do plan to buy a house one day but at the moment I don’t think it makes sense for a variety of reasons.

Esselte - I’m only the house a week, it’s a very nice house and mattresses apart I’m delighted with it.

Anyone with a morbid curiosity can view the mattresses in all their glory here;

before I look… I’m not quite sure I want to and I probably shouldn’t…

and now that I have… eeewwwee :frowning:

If this was CSI New York they’d take the blood sample, sequence the genome, build a photofit of the person from it, cross reference it with the DMV database to get his address and then make him/her pay for the damn mattress.

Sharper –If I moved into a new apartment and my landlord acted in such a manner, over such a trivial cost (trivial because the landlord could get tax relief on the expense), I’d be very concerned about what would happen if something more serious happened. If it was as much a renters’ market as Pinsters’ posts make it out to be, I’d move. Hence I suggested that option. I don’t see what’s bizarre about that. I am curious to know why nobody suggested a move, or that he threatened it. Not sure if I’m missing something but does he not have plenty of alternative properties he could chose from? I’m not looking to rent so can’t say I’ve been checking availability regularly.

I appreciate he’s signed a lease but he should still be able to get out of it at this stage with 1 month’s notice. I’d prefer a little bit of hassle now than constant hassle with my landlord over the remaining term of the lease.

I think it would be a bit extreme to move out over this. I’ll buy the new mattress, speak to the LL and if they don’t pay up and replace the second mattress and don’t have a reasonable excuse for not being contactable then I’ll be looking to move out. My paitence is wearing thin but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt until I actually speak to her. If she doesn’t respond in a manner I find acceptable then I’ll start looking for a new place.

And yes there is alot of choice out there, I spent about two months viewing places. I’ll post my experiences up at some point because it was quite interesting.

But, considering the visible stains, don’t under any circumstances, for your peace of mind, go over the place with a UV lamp 8)

Anybody else thinking of the scene in Coming to America

“Hey Stu, your rent’s due, motherf+cker! Now don’t be pulling that falling down the stairs sh!t on me again, you hear! Now you conscious! Every month, the same damn thang.”

Don’t be going wrecking my generalisations with your contrary anecdote!


I would be very interested to read this as will be moving shortly.

^^ +1
I could go ask for a reduction, and I probably will, but I can’t be arsed with the LL horror when he hears how much of decrease I’m looking for. Hence, I’m off.

I keep forgetting to update this with the outcome so hear goes…

Bought the new mattress myself (€140 in des kellys) and eventually got in touch with the LL, took 7 days in total. She came in all guns blazing, she wasn’t paying for the matress we bought, we should never have bought it, she would only steam clean one of the two stained mattresses. To top it all off said if we didn’t like it we could move out.

Just about kept my cool with her and said the only outcome which would not result in a case going to the PRTB was money for the mattress we bought and and a new mattress for the second room and I also told her never to threaten me with eviction again. Also had a right go at her about being unavailable, she was away in spain. No agreement on the day but she rang back later to say she’d drop the money over and order a new mattress which she did. All is resolved now but she was basically sizing me up to see what she could get away with. Someone who was unaware of their rights would have been walked all over by this one.

Really irked me as we are excellent tenants and actually take a bit pride in the place.

I would say her attitude is atypical of Irish society in general the “lets see what
we can get away with approach”. Four letters and ends in T is an apt description. Doesnt she understand that this will get her nowhere dealing with anyone with half an inkling? :unamused:

This is how it works. You go and say “well okay I’m getting legal advice”, they throw a huff and phone a friend who’s a solicitor who tells them “well, yeah, you’re in the wrong” and then suddenly they are more accommodating. I’ve had this before too, over - notice periods, for example.

based on the condition of the beds and her reaction, I’d be gone. It would gall me to put money in this person’s pocket.

I’m a good tenant and treat the place and contents like I own them. You sound the same.

I have a good landlord and letting agent. If I didn’t I’d be gone. Life’s too short for dealing with people like that.

In addition to paying this yoke money, I personally wouldn’t want such a LL lurking in the background, an ever present lurker in the toilet of domestic bliss.