IT - 04/10/2010: Union leader rejects pay cuts … ing24.html

I wonder what the PSEU think of their members being tarred for the blame, by, um, other unions, for the slow pace of the implementation of the Croke Park deal with, eh, the unions…

In early December '09 the unions thought they were a few hours away from from an agreement to take unpaid holidays this year then they’d had a set of savings ready for 2011 that would make up the cuts required.

They’d the whole thing figured out. They couldn’t understand the scepticism and outrage amongst the general public. We were asked to shut-up. … 42238.html

Back in April this year we’d the same people for the Croke Park Agreement trying to work out even vague details of the same scheme that was allegedly ready 5 months earlier.

Couldn’t Mr Begg just drop in to public sector managers and show them what they need to do?

Or indeed do it through Congress - the head of Congress talking to the PSEU…

A day late and a dollar short…was it ever any different.

Total utter bollox strawman’s there.

Money is debt you moron. There has been no slowness and delay in the collapse of income in the profit earning sectors of the economy and that is 100% draconian with no clear perpetrator. There really is no economy. So unless Union leaders are going to advise saw-off shot gun tactics and balaclavas as a means to increasing ones income I see no results to be had here.

Yes I am talking to a wall on a forum. I do apologise to fellow users.