IT accuses NCA of trying to kill dinner party conversation

Property off the agenda in social gatherings, this is indeed progress. :laughing:

This comes across like forcing EAs not to lie is a bad thing.

They’re not* lying*, they’re just* fudging a little*!

How very Irish and pathetic.

The ‘paper of record’ has finally conceded that it’s tarnished, by admitting publicly the information it provides may be false.

The Pin’s favourite lighthouse off the coast of Mayo was sold for 1.05m. :frowning:


“Trigger” might have something to say about that?

More like the row was triggered when people started legal cases because of false information and the IT decided to try and cover it’s ass by printing a disclaimer after the event! … highlight=

So, it got 50% of it’s 2006 price.

Sounds about right.

Is that inflation adjusted?

Green Bear wrote:

Hurray! anyone for talking about the weather?


Dinner Party!
Odd description for a group of people standing in a living room listening to Dido, drinking wine and bragging.

Hi Karate advert?

Ah comeon Pat, do you not recognise all the signs of sophisticated NorthSider living of a Pimp with this hoes !

I mean who else wears White trousers :slight_smile:

What would I know!
I still wear flared wellies.