IT: Can't find ghost estates...

Its not that hard Bill.

I wish this piece had a name on it, because this is really really bad journalism. Did he not think of googling ghost estates. Would journos “flying into out beleaguered country” not have an aul search on the internet before hopping on a plane, rather than relying on our unnamed hero?

Its like the WMDs all over again

Western/Midlands Domiciles?

Drive the N4 through Longford, and then into Leitrim.

They are under the flightpath into Dublin FFS :frowning:

LOOK … 09.99,0,5

But I suppose that is the northside so the Times wouldn’t know about it would they :frowning:

Story about how foreign journalists can’t find any ghost estates to take pictures of.

Not two days after an Irish ghost estate made the front page of the London Indepenedent.

Tomorrow’s article will be about how the IMF/EU came over here, but they just couldn’t find anyone to lend to. When asked, a young man called Brian told them “Ah sure we’re well funded into next year, have a pint”. So they just went home.

Honestly, this denial in the face of the bleeding obvious is getting tiring.

And here is the accompanying article by the Bould Bill… to sum it up

But if you want to check it out for yourself

Ehh… It’s in the property section - does that not explain it? Probably another paid for advertorial courtesy of Country Tom

And yet the devil is in the detail

when he gets into it we have

near enough 300,000 empties

I thought they were called Ghost estates because you can’t see them :confused:

We need to get a medium in to count them up.

2 weeks later… … 52711.html

Maybe the Irish Times can’t find one but Time magazine can…,9171,2034386,00.html?xid=rss-mostpopular