IT - Cowen says public purse will take up to 5 years...

I can’t find this posted elsewhere, but I presume it must be.

You don’t have 5 years, you’ve got 5 months you numpty.

the only answer to the worlds woes seems to be inflation, lots of it

hold on, didn’t the world try that before?


well clown was pretty creative and constructive during his time in finance so theres nothing to worry about. the fact hes too shitless to lead the country is neither here nor there

Only if you wish to see the system recalibrated, reset and relaunched and its not even clear that this is possible.

Personally, Im in the mood for a change

inflation is the answer?

do i hear the panzers rolling thru france again?

Why am I not detecting more alarm here, other than we are all just amazed at the cowardice of the government ( I am an activist for one of the parties, but am a bit disgusted at what is going on with the nations finances).

Just where do we see the national debt going after 5 years of Maastricht busting deficits?

Is it time for a debt clock by O Connell Bridge?

And forget inflation, I am a saver, and will not be happy to see my efforts eroded to save those more gullible than me.

Alarm is so last year (actually, for many 'pinsters it is so 2007!). It peaked with the guarantee of bank creditors. Resignation at the logical unwinding is the theme for 2009… unless the government should collapse…

If you are an activist, activate upwards. Get your party leadership to put in public what is being discussed in private. Reality will hurt, but less than ignorance.

I think it would be a very useful little tool indeed… might wake a few of the fucking numpties up to the shit hole we are in.

Of course… some green idiot would probably just complain of the waste of power lighting it or something.

We might get this one cheap when the super-duper version is released :- … lenews_wsj

Hopefully the number of digits problem won’t hit us for a few years :angry:

Gardai have reported a person or persons to be falsely representing the people of ireland, representing the facts and purportedly claiming to be in control with power of office. These individuals go by the name Brian Cowen, Bertie Ahern or An Taoiseach. It is recommended if you encounter anyone or anything suspicious using similar names do not had over money or valuables. Lock your door and await the rapture.

Something like this perhaps :laughing:

I think you’d have to have the sponsors name easily changeable as well … to take account of mergers & bankruptcy’s :nin

Of course, given current opinion polls, Cowen can’t expect to be in power for the next 5 years.

So obviously and logically, he needs to find cross-party consensus on a path out of our current difficulties. A few Fine Gael/Labour cabinet ministers would be an obvious first step. It’s not like he, or his party, has any mandate to govern thru’ this kind of national crisis, is it ?

The above is meant ironically, of course. Cowen’s only demonstrated enthusiasm or energy in the role of Taoiseach has been when he’s been hurling tribal insults across the floor of the Dáil.

If the guy is so clueless,ignorant and hopeless about how to proceed, you do have to wonder just WTF he thinks he’s doing in his job, and why he thinks he’s remotely qualified to hold it.

this is the point of the article of course. He’s gearing up to try to get re-elected because obviously if he isn’t in power then he won’t be able to use his “magic touch” to guide the economy (and public purse) back into the black. And god help me I’m afraid that there is a lot of people still left out there who might believe this load of rubbish :unamused:

Is Cowen listening?