IT - Cowen to host major economic forum

D’ya remember when Mary Robinson had Phil Babb and McAteer in Aras and was banging on about the candle in the window being symbolic of the “great irish diaspora”… Time to break it out again, apparently!

We won’t even let the diaspora vote, but yet we’re banging down the door to get their help?

will it be open to the public?


and it’s the business elite again!! More of the same…

my, all those people in one spot. there’s a target to protest.

An economic forum hosted by the gang that wrote the book on how to f**k up an economy!

There might be more interest in this than you think. It would be worth turning up just to to learn what economic policies should not be implemented.

you can bet it will be closed to the public. But point taken a good place to turn up and protest.

I am reminded about JK Galbraith’s comments about Hoover calling in all the heads of industry aafter the great crash. He said Hoover had performed the very important task of having meetings about nothing!

Pumping the flesh is worthwile but saying you are looking or ideas sounds stupid. They really should say they will be exploring ideas and suggestions and looking for direct contact with businesses as to what they need to progress their plans.

The Government should create an environment for innovation. That is their job. After that they should leave the innovating to the innovators!

What can they do?

  • scrap the Employment Law Compliance Bill
  • streamline employment legislation and regulation
  • provide employers with a full suite of employment contracts and procedures in a booklet
  • promote clustering of tech industries
  • reform local government
  • reduce energy costs through effective regulation and competition
  • reduce commercial rates through more local power and accountability and total transparency as to expenditure
  • reduce insurance costs through simplified liability legislation and examination of how risk is being spread and profits that are being taken
  • standardise property interests in land, stocks, bonds, securities et al,
  • bring in standard statutory commerical leases, building contracts, franchise agreements, shareholder agreeements, partnership agreements, employment contracts etc which people can opt for
  • speed up NAMA/Nationalisation process
  • Set up the free incorporation of companies for all people genuinely setting up a business
  • set up an free advisory service for all businesses to assist them with red tape queries - this body could recommend areas for red tape elimination
  • start a major initiative with tax breaks for the improving the energy efficieny of existing buildings
  • build a nuclear power station

The Builderberg Group?

There you go again, coming up with ideas that will save money generate business and income therefore tax revenue for the country. How dare you! Do you not realise FF are trying to destroy the country and you’re trying ta fix it. Have yez no no sense at all at all. :angry:

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us here at Farmleigh. We’ve spent the past few days looking at your collective experience, and what made you successful in business. We have taken all of your suggestions and stories and have discovered that you all have one thing in common…

You left Ireland.


Well since Peter Sutherland is allegedly the Chairman of that august group, he should feel right at home.

In addition bungaloid proposes a stimulus package

legalise prostitution and drug use

convert ghost estates into massive crack dens and tax-break NAMA hotels and apartments into bordellos

tourists and revenues would flow in …giving the economy a quick … um … shot in the arm. :confused:

Hamsterdam! 8)

The nuclear power plant is a scary prospect in Ireland, can you imagine a county council running it :open_mouth:

My spidey sense is tingling

I think this is a sting of the “Sea Of Love” variety, get all our tax exiles into 1 room using a spurious invitation that will appeal to their ego, lock the door for 6 months and then hit them with a massive tax bill 8)

No, but i think the four nuclear power stations required will be built by Areva and operated as an ESB-EDF joint venture …

of course the eejits think this won’t happen …

when it does … the eejits can emigrate to Germany … that anti-nuke coal-fired green paradise …