IT - Developer failed to disclose donations to FF on time

Nothing surprising about this

Tipperary Property Developer is big in Fianna Fáil

Runs for Seanad, as you do .

Dispenses large amounts of brown envelopes but still fails to get elected .

Disclosure optional until forced to make a disclosure. … 53575.html

5 of 11 Recipients of NOTIFIABLE DONATIONS , all Fianna Fáilers **NEVER DISCLOSED THE ( ahem) DONATIONS EITHER **

The other 6 were below the threshhold for notifying the donations .

The five eventually blustered out their excuses as you can see if you read the rest of the article .

Why am I not surprised?? :frowning:

Now I ask you, why do you think this country is focked and would this type of person in government have anything to do with it?

Kerry, Kildare, Wexford, Donegal, Meath… Spreading the love! I like it! :laughing:

So, he “Spent” 17k and got nothing. At least he will know that they will have to increase his offer next time.

Sure a seat in the Seanad is surely “worth” more that 17k. I couldnt possiblly put that offer to my Vendor. :nin

Sure does bring the poisition of a seat in the Senate into focus. Seems very much like how the House of Lords is filled. It’s a status symbol and nothing more.

You’ve done the property development thing and made your millions but you want more. Hell, everyone’s a property millionaire these days, even that damn John McGuire. You’ve sent your children, Saoirse and Aonghus, to that Irish speaking school and your wife is spending a year in Florence with the Accountant.

You want people to notice you when you walk into the Golf club. I suppose you could run for the Dail or local government but that’s for the little people. Status symbol, status symbol, that’s what I need, but what? Merc? Got one. 4x4? Got one. Trophy wife? In Florence as per the Accountants instructions. Senator? Hmmm…

so the disclosure limit is ‘per donation’?

So If I gave a politician 600 quid on monday, another 600 quid on tuesday and another 600 quid on wednesday, I wouldn’t have to declare any of that money?

There’s an overall cap per politician per annum, I think it’s 5k, might be less… Is there an overall party limit? I forget…