IT-Economy may benefit from feminine touch


come on - women can’t whistle :laughing:

:laughing: shuzawuza


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I can, I learnt as a response to my mother trying to brush my dread prone hair, at aged 4, and I am rather accomplished now.
Wolf whistling, on the other hand, I’ve never been much use at, despite my attempts to seduce builders. :frowning:

Testosterone definitely had an influence, but come on, how much of the bling spend was brought on by ‘Sex and the city’ style shopping by women? Shopping became a religion almost, and maxing out your credit card to buy a pair of Manolo’s was no big deal.

Also, In our office far more single women under 30 jumped on the property ladder than men in similar circumstances. Most fellas I knew only bought if they were getting married.

Wasn’t it the same newspaper applauding young single women for getting on the ladder in greater numbers than their male counterparts?

Testosterone level related to risk taking behaviour? Get those scientists a nobel prize.


divide and conquer

In general, women tend to be more cautious by nature - witness the tiny percentage of criminal offenders who are female. If they bought property in their twenties it is probably because the prevailing attitude was that it was the safe and sensible thing to do.

Personally, as a female, I do not believe that this crisis would be happening if more women were in positions of power in financial institutions. I do not think examples such as Margaret Thatcher are relevant - it was precisely because she eschewed female attributes that she got to the position of Prime Minister. In a more equal society women could achieve power without sacrificing their femininity.

and on the other side of the world…

*"These days, I think Japanese women are much stronger than men. I don’t know how to express it very well, but I think men have become weaker.” * … 07658.html
it’s a good read. these gals are on a mission, or were.

Uhoh… Googleads!! :open_mouth:

Hmm, it’s worth a shot I suppose…

let’s see now, there’s the 3 x Marys, there’s lovely Liz, there’s that clued-in Isobel one in the Pon supplement in the IT, there’s Aileen “Ideas” O’Toole, the lovely Gillian B. of course…

who am I forgetting ?..

Compared to all of our outstanding male politicians… :angry:

That’s true. And especially true for the dumb b****** jrar42 lists above. Though I think it’s true also that there are many valuable male attributes eschewed in the current system. Such as the male propensities for foresightedness and developing the big picture view. At least, any such foresightedness is forced to limit itself to reflecting the values of the dominant business and economic culture.

Our friend Donna!

Both men and woman have been at fault. Greed seems to know no boundaries!

Enjoy your female-bashing. I’m off to 8DD.


To be honest, I agree wholeheartedly with the point that women have overdone it seriously on the consumer side of things, and the fact that they outshone the men when it came to getting on the property ladder is also a contributing factor. And definitely Thatcher is a huge reality check when making generalised statements about how much better things would be, if women ran the world.

However, I believe that it was mainly men who decided it would be fine to give those women too large mortgages for a single person. And I would say most of those women who bought property were doing it so they could provide themselves a stable home, which as a primal need for women, would make them happier. I’d say most men who bought before getting married, were doing it primarily for financial and/or status reasons. IMO it is mainly men’s objectification of women which has fed the need for women to primp and preen and compete with each other. And wear Manolo’s, so their bottoms are slightly lifted in a receptive manner. In fact, most of what is deemed by women to be attractive for themselves, stems from the fact that it’s what men are attracted to so thereby easier to find a mate. Because, it sure ain’t comfortable, or healthy, or easy! And as women’s expectations have gone up in what they want from a mate and from life in general, and there so few “perfect” ones out there that can be relied upon to provide all they want, the “need” to compete and provide for oneself has increased exponentially.

As men have wielded the majority of power in this world, it is almost conclusive that men are the ones who bear the majority of the responsibility for getting us into this mess, and I mean all of it, not just the financial crisis. :imp: Men have different motives for making decisions. And men have traditionally actively kept women in subservience in one way or another, thereby largely keeping them out of the decision making, and even though concessions were made, were completely disincentivised to change the status quo, or their priorities.

I am not saying it would be better if the tables were turned and women had all the power, that would be terrible too, albeit a verrry different world. And I am not saying that all men are consciously aggressive, repressive, inconsiderate, irresponsible and driven unthinkingly by testosterone and ego. But yous all got varying degrees of it going on. 8DD What I am saying is, I believe we would benefit greatly from having women (and gay men :smiley: ) take much of the power now, and to be largely in command of a joint effort to redesign our system. Once we are back on the straight and narrow than yous can maybe have some power back, but nowhere near as much as you’ve had for the last thousands of years. OK?! 8)

Newton Emerson’s article was good because it was satirical.

This person is effectively responding to a piece of satire (which she found offensive!) by writing a straight piece which mirrors in the opposite direction all the absurdities contained in Newtons’s article. It is therefore an unashamedly sexist article. See below quote.

“There is a view that if Lehman Brothers had been Lehman Sisters, run by women instead of men, the credit crunch might never have happened”.

While it wouldnt suit Ms McMinn’s agenda to say so it is the young of both sexes who will and are feeling the brunt of this recession/depression disproportionately. Middle aged, middle class members of the Bertie generation (male and female), especially those who find themselves on quangos and State funded pressure groups, are less likely to feel a similar amount of pain.

Maybe she could write an article about that.

And even more influenced by peer pressure and the herd instinct than men. This is natural, women tended to stick together in groups whereas men often hunted, alone.

In fairness I know very few women who bought more than one house, but the point remains that the youngest people I know who jumped on the property ladder were predominantly female. By contrast, most people I know who bought 3+ houses were definitely male.