IT encourages Canny McSavvy to catch falling knife

Condensed version: Won’t somebody think of the flats.

Wow, so he made some money in a rocketing bubble market. How canny is that?

You can say a 315,000 euro shoebox is ‘a bargain’ and I can laugh at you. But then you resort to insulting people’s character for not having the gumption to hoover up your VI rubbish.

You sir, are a wanker.

And probably never seen a bust and so doesn’t know how to recognise it.

EDIT: and before any smart Alec replies, I don’t mean one of these.

Or even two of those. :open_mouth:

The article refers to a two bedroom flat on the outskirts of Sligo Town selling for €180,000 as representing excellent value; which I think may be this development.

However you could buy a site in Sligo with planning permission and build a 1200-1500 sq ft house for about the same price.

What a brilliant article, if anything I now want to buy a gaff even less.

In the showflat on Daft, does it appear that there is no proper location to stick a telly?

Who lives in a flat in a gated community in Sligo? We’ll be back to building castles at this rate.

I think I noticed a recess on the left hand wall where one could hang one’s Plasma. I think we have a sale. :wink:

And this would be the Mountjoy Square 2-bed for €315k I presume…

Edit: Mountjoy Square 2-beds on daft seem to be renting for about €1400 a month, which would give this a gross yield of 5.33%, and it would (barely) cover the mortgage of €1395.87. The sums might actually add up on this one.

“1/2 bedroom.” Hmmm. Does that mean 1 bedroom or 2 bedrooms or half a bedroom?

Is a mezzanine bedroom propertyspeak for sleeping on a big shelf in a room with a high ceiling?

We also have these 2 beds in mountjoy or similar area…

Looks like this bargain situation is far from unique… especially with a slick operation like coming on line soon… see the description!

Sounds like an advert for an escort agency… (290k) (310k) (317k… and a penthouse :unamused: no less!) (325k) (310k) (320k)

the old management fee eh… effectively €120 a month rent on top of your mortage which should rise with inflation

unless the roof needs redoing…

Wow, this is about the worst advert ever written! Apart from the rotten grammar, misspelling, and non-sequiturs, it makes outlandish claims. EG: “Complies with every engineering and Architectural regulation and design, and using highly skilled master craftsmen to satisfy each individual owner.” It would be funny if the aim weren’t to scam somebody of €270,000.

Check out photo 2 (310k)

I’ve been in camper vans with more space, and not very big camper vans at that.


Damm. You must have been in some big mother camper vans

Check out the picture in the second photo. Do you reckon that’s the real Mona Lisa? It would tie in with their marketing patter.

This has to be one of the most cramped overpriced “apartments” :laughing: I have ever seen, the only thing this place has going for it is if youre a junkie its probably handy to “score gear bud, ye know wha a mean loike” on the green outside.

Funny enough I heard a story that years ago the guy who bought Mosney off Butlins, (later known as Mosnia) found a Rembrandt or something hanging on a wall in the church. The painting alone was worth more than what he paid for the whole place. Now that’s what I’d call ‘canny’.

Don’t know if it’s true or not, but it’s a good story…

Now, now - the nice man in the Irish Times said it was a bargain. You must be faint-hearted.

A smart, ballsy guy would surely snap all of these up XX