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Can you hear the giggles coming from Desmond, O’Brien, McManus and the thousands of Irish residents who paid less than 5% income tax on incomes over 500k last year?

I have news for you Lenny, and your fuckwit siblings. I ain’t contributin’ nuttin’.

So go fuck yourself and your system.

Supine Monster.

Isn’t it a maxim of communism that those who produce more have to pay more and those who need more get more? So Lenny is advocating a communist state where it is axiomatic that those who have the most must pay the most. Forget about how you get that money - if you have it the state wants it, but if you have nothing they give you everything.

They will work boxer to death while napoleon enjoys his claret.

The insane thing is that the cover-up being perpetrated is probably for a few hundred millions but is in danger of costing the citizens of the state a few hundred billions - and possibly the very sovereignty of the State.

Treason was never so cheap.

I watched Animal Farm over the weekend and if Lenny is Napoleon, where the fuck is Benjamin??

Berties live a long time. Who here has ever seen a dead bertie?

Non residents.
But we welcome Google washing their billions of revenue through our system. No problem, wash away, we love ya.

It’s an axiom of marxism and a reality of capitalism…

Lenny, like most of youse, wouldn’t know communism if it came up to them and introduced collectivisation…

Anyhoo, back on topic.

The topic is Lenny’s meaningless soundbites…

Well you could use that argument to say that progressive tax rates (earn more, higher rate) is “communist”.

He’s clearing the way for the fact that everyone is going to see a hit in this budget including the unemployed, pensioners etc. I suspect tax increases seen by higher earners will be mostly a reflection of tax increases at middle income levels.

Hell, if you listen to Boyracer, he claims the US Military is Communist… And of course, Bertie was a Socialist…

The whole thing is like a Fox broadcast with the lead anchor happening to be a recovering alcoholic who’s converted to Mormonism…

Rise up and follow!!!


Hear hear. Isnt it un-be-lie-va-ble…

First of all the cheek of lecturing everybody after his party made such a mess of the economy. An unprecendented mess. I dont know of any state where it has gone so badly wrong so quickly. No embarassement from his side or anything. If they had any standards, they would have thrown the towel and said we are not made of the right material to govern a country.

Secondly though, how come everyone takes it on the chin. Everyone gets fucked over and over and over and over and over again. And still there is this apathy and passiveness…

(sorry for bad language)

Not everyone. The Irish don’t rebel on the streets. 800 years of occupation trained us to go down to the sewers and pour acid on the foundations of the system.

Wait for the self-employed and VAT returns.

Wholesale tax evasion is back with a bang, and the black economy is roaring.

That’s how we fight.

Fight whom? As an individual against all the others citizens? That way you will never get a better society. What is the point in fighting that way (eg via dodging tax)??? You will only disadvantage your neighbour. I am afraid I also find that a very cowardly way of fighting…

Should you not try and change the political system/structure and value system instead?

Ehm…no. No point. Waste of time.

Your moral code has been superseded by events.

Events dear boy, as old Mac used to say.

When the taxpayer’s trough runs dry there will be change aplenty.

It hasn’t gone wrong quickly GP - it has been going wrong for nearly ten years. There were two booms not one. The first was an exports-led boom and it was real. That ended in 2000/2001. Everything after that has been an enormous bubble. The longer bubbles last the worse it is when they burst. This was a very long bubble.

Panics do not destroy capital; they merely reveal the extent to which it has been destroyed by its betrayal into hopelessly unproductive works.” - Mr John Mills, from Credit Cycles and the Origin of Commercial Panics.

well, one can argue about the definition of ‘quickly’. But afaik the wrong policies by government and reckless lending by banks started at around 2002? Height of the bubble was fall 2006. It burst then, though many did not realize that till 08. So a period of what 5 years (02 - 06)? Everything was destroyed in a period of 5 years… I find that quick. This is a country we are talking about. Takes a lot of effort and big mistakes to f*ck up a country in 5 years.

Though yes, maybe it has been gone wrong since your independence… sorry, could not let that one go… :smiley: Forgive me my ignorance sorry :blush:

Some would argue the bubble back to 1996…

In any case, the average house price doubled twice in that period to 2007 which is alot of froth on any man’s cappuccino…

There was fairly significant wage growth from 1996 to 2001 though.

I recall in 97 a friend buying a red brick in Ranelagh for about 300k when his salary was about 8k. Parent guaranteed mortgage and he rented the place out.

It is my understanding that international commentators (who I trust far more than domestic commentators) reckoned that house price in 1996 were cheap by comparison to most other countries. So the growth in price was more by way of normalisation and it was only what came after 2000 or so that was bubblicious. Your milage may vary of course.

There are good arguments to be made that that is exactly when things started to go wrong.