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Goes on to highlight that FG and Labour councillors were at it too.

I feel that slightly anxious feeling in my stomach these days when Gormley makes statements, the sort of feeling one might get watching someone walking a tightrope. :confused:

I am interested to see what this Planning Bill will look like. I wonder how shortly is shortly.

This isn’t the first time that he’s been whispering about stuff like this. He was at it a few months back at the time of the Green Party Annual Convention (or whatever it is that they call it).

But there are other important things are he is DIRECTLY responsible for for which he is failing to take action.

Last year the EU ruled that restricting planning in rural areas to a “locals only” situation was essentially inappropriate.
Minister G. has apparently written last year to the county councils to gather informatoin from them and is due to write to the EU. Last year. He should give them one month and his department one month to deal with it. But nothing’s been done.

So much for the EU, So much for Minister G. No action. No letters. Nothing’s been done.

He’s a great one for the talk, like so many FF councillors and M.E.P.s. He’s one and the same. All talk and no action.

Some of us wanted the planning system sorted out in 2004.
And we were late to the party then.

All I ever wanted was a simple change. The state will no longer zone land
that it doesn’t own. If the state feels a block of land should be zoned
differently it would buy the land at agricultural value plus a nominal premium,
rezone it, and sell it to developers.

State makes the profits that follow from the flick of the states pen.
Incentive for corruption is eliminated.
Source of Revenue for Local councils, rates on businesses, levies on
developers, and fees for things like Water, Waste Disposal etc could all be cut.
we stop rezoning land left right and center for the sake of it and only rezone
as needed.

Of course with the incentive for corruption removed, an idea like this
never stood a chance.



Perhaps John Gormley should be looking at the behaviour of his own Green Councillors, and in particular Tom Kelly in the Slane area of Meath and his role in making his support for a local area plan contingent on adding massive of amounts of extra land to be rezoned residential.

See: … 88357.html … y35569.asp

and various council meeting minutes including: … 087,en.doc

Oh please, when it comes to local government, FF were just as bad as FG. Anyone that saw that Primetime documentary on planning last year,could clearly see that both parties were at it in Wexford, Monaghan, Tipperary and Kerry.
While FG had a councillor on saying that he never ever voted against a planning application in 5 years and went on to sya that he just fills in the annual ethics report without much thought, there were a FF councillor actively canvassing other councillors to approve a planning apllication that would bnenefit him and seeing nothing wrong with that.

As far as I can see it, FF are just as bad as FG when it comes to local Government, it just so happens that they don’t control as many councils as the Mullingar accord parties, so they are usually powerless and thats why they’re not involved in as much corruption at this level. It’s just by choice - well thats my opinion anyway.

So maybe now they can let people go from the brown envelope opening department and start employing qualified professionals to work in planning departments and start to develop cohesive development plans based on demographic projections rather than based on which developer has a wedge of flood plain ripe for a shed load of duplexes.

I recall hearing that something like 2/3rds of our councils don’t employ any design professionals…go figure


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