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I’m not so sure this is attainable. We had it as a result of the credit fuelled property boom! e EU average unemployment % would be doing really well for Ireland, imo.

FitzGerald is some gimp. The ESRI had their snouts in the trough throughout the credit bubble and never once IIRC shouted Stop! They continue to put their names to the pathetic bogroll PTSB house price index. They’ve continued to insist for the last 2 1/2 years that all was rosy, when here on the Pin we were tracking how every single economic indicator was clearly worsening rapidly from mid-2006. He’s at the very least staggeringly incompetent, has demonstrated no understanding of why we are in this mess, and is now reduced to spouting worn cliches and fervently wishing for some external Great White Hope (collapsing Sterling, a US recovery etc) to come riding to the rescue.

Geronupdeyard, ya tool.

He chaired the first session of the [*Responding to the Crisis * ( conference and when dealing with a question from the floor with respect to the use of GNP or GDP figures, stated that there was no significant difference in that case.

At which point the room* erupted!

So much so, I expected a barrage of economic models and a few pricing structures to start flying through the air at him and a quantitative easing of his bowels.

Not a good day at the office for him that day.

*Sounds like a good collective noun - A Room of Economists.

Oh, I think we should have another thread to go through suggestions for these, we could add in ones for Politicians, Bankers etc :slight_smile:

I’ll suggest:

An Opinion of Economists,
A Tribunal Of Politicians,
& A Gaol block of Bankers

How about:
A theory of economists
Or a contradiction of economists
Or maybe a risk of economists
A bunch of politicians (using the same collective noun as for bananas)
Or perhaps an envelope of politicians
Or a ripening of politicians (to carry on the banans theme…)
A monkey of bankers
A debt of developers

I would suggest ‘a failure of’, but I am not sure who to assign it to, perhaps all of them?

How about a ‘Corruption’ of Developers

Surely, it’s a tribunal of politicians…

Complete new administration is now required. They’ve proven their inability to demonstrate leadership built upon making the correct decisions in a timely manner. And no Brian’s, I don’t buy into the shite you idiots have been dishing out to the nation. A cover up is a cover up, is a cover up - you know it, the entire nation knows it, so step aside and allow the nation rebuild itself. Short and to the point. Real MO’L style, eh :wink: 8DD

(Neo)classic :laughing:

Full Marx :slight_smile:

A supply of economists.
A disagreement of economists.
A school of economists.

An envelope of politicians.
A slither of politicians.
A commih-tea of politicians

a mendacity of politicians
a confusion of economists
a payola of developers

A Dole-Queue of Estate Agents

Surely, it’s a scarcity of economists… :wink:

Sorry Confusion is already taken,

On a lighter note, we can’t use ‘a Crash of xxxxs’ becauses its already taken as well. Apparently its a valid collective noun for Elephants; possibly White :smiley:

Also, if you have a mixture of Politicians, Bankers & Developers, is the correct term a ‘Tent’

Isnt that your job John to tell the Govt how to get back to stability growth … not ask how the Govt is going to do do…
what a fuckwit… I can see his pen shaking in his hand cos he knew he would get slated in TPP … fuckwit fuckwit fuckwit

In fairness he isnt. But it is worrying is that the ESRI are more or less totally at sea here. We seem to be lost and none of the guys whos job it is to know where we are have a clue

There’s a clue in the title of this article folks.

“How Ireland can** stage **an economic recovery”

Smokes & daggers… :nin

The ESRI has puts its position out to Public Consultation.

its the ultimate in social partership…

:laughing: Well spotted TUG!