IT - Isabel Morton: Price too high?

I thought it was just fucking obvious.

Surely if your neighbour sold up in 2006, that makes them your ex-neighbour so unless they bought another house on the same road, why would you have to see his or her’s ugly beaming mush ?!??

That would be the mods and admin over on Brendan Burgesses site 'ask’aboutmoney TBH.

They systematically banned nearly everyone with a knowledge of booms and busts and with the analytic capability to back their point up.

Furthermore they did so at the top of the bubble in 2006 and thereby prolonged the inevitable for another year and caught lots of unwary punters out by so doing .

In all of that time Burgess was the Chairman of the ‘Consumer’ Panel in the Financial Regulator.

Isabel, OTOH, is hired to pad out a property section , she is being held accountable by some here for simply filling space in a section of the newspaper where facts are largely if not entirely irrelevant . That was what she was hired to do .

So what if she is/was behind the curve . Blame the editors !

Ye all seem to think she wrote for the business section :nin

Well said.

I don’t care if all she wrote was pathetic ramblings in her own feces on the wall of a padded cell. If her ramblings give her a public profile, and that profile influences peoples decisions, then she needs to be held accountable.

I’m not paid to offer advice, but even with what I write here, I would never be able to make the kind of mental shift that Isabel has made since just April, and then call people fools for listening to me back then.

She doesn’t even acknowledge the contradictions, and as I’ve said before her mood swings wildly from week to week, we could see another 180 turn next week.

People like Isabel is precisely why the IrishHomeTruths site needed to be created. People like Isabel can’t be allowed to pollute the media unchallenged.

She’d be the first inductee into the IrishHomeTruths hall of shame, if I thought for one second she was capable of feeling shame.


RD while I understand your venom I think that we should be a little more forgiving of those upon whom the truth is only dawning now.

Her article was a step in the right direction and a good point about resentment but she is only showing empathy. I don’t think we should forget her previous columns merely that we should judge them on their merit and the advice to price correctly is good advice.

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Surely if anything she’s a property pimp!?

:laughing: far less offensive for some reason

For your benefit I’ve changed the term to property pimp.

I never say anything here that I wouldn’t say to someone’s face. I would use the same term to descripe Tom Parlon, and indeed did use it in the plural. It’s meaning is specific to property.

Isabel’s isn’t “coming around” her columns now are as calculating as anything she has ever written.

The day Isabel admits she was wrong and has done harm, I’ll start to believe that reality is dawning. This article wasn’t about her being wrong, it was about everyone else being wrong, and having a right to resent people who were right.



fair enough. BD

(just thought it was easily taken up the wronng way)

My guess is that this piece was put out after discussions with the big EA groups who need to get the message out there quick to cut prices.

Nothing to do with reality or better understanding…its advertising told through a third party to give it more credibility.

All that is really needed is gullible FTBs to get roped in to buy houses which will get EAs spending money on property sections that pays bonuses particularly to vastly overpaid newspaper directors.

Yeah, that ties in with the concerted effort for the last few months, on the VIs part to convince us all that prices have fallen by a lot more that they actually have.

This is just more of the same.


I think it’s just the penny dropping


“Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” - Napoleon I

In Isabel’s world pennies only go up.
If a penny ever dropped Isabel would have to find someone to blame.

Ocham’s razor folks. I don’t think Isabel is in cahoots with anyone. I think she’s just a very very silly person.


Good to see Irish begrudgery is still alive and well… :unamused:


We could conceivably get to a situation where banks don’t have anything to lend for a while.


Though I do think this quote sums up things for a lot of people.